my head itched
           it itched
        the itching in my head
        was slowly
            driving me 
              like the 
            drunkard it
            really was.
         the itching
             it made me
             start twitching
             and i wanted
             for it to stop.
         my, oh, my, my head.
             why are you itching so?
         me, oh me oh my, this itch
             really, really sucks.
         itchin', it ain't bitchin',
             and i'm becoming rapidly annoyed.
             my hand is now deployed
             to scratch, my head, my itchy,
             scratchy, and oh*, so unhappy
         i scratch it red, my head,
             my formerly itchy,
             but now irritated,
             my red-rubbed noggin.
         i scratch it until it hurts,
             the pain it alerts,
             telling me to stop.
             so i do!  DUH!

        -Danarchy '94 

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