light brights are stupid toys
 play with the magic of coloured light?
 darkness is pierced by pegs of brightness
 an artificial darkness of paper ripped aside by the lights of truth

 with more lights the picture becomes clearer
 the picture is disturbing, i wish it could be more vague
 but the paper is pierced, the damage is done
 the light pegs have killed that.

 you have to plug in a light bright
 sometimes if the cable is bad, it can short out the whole house
 if you don't plug it in you could use other things (like the microwave)
 the light bright could wreck that.

 the light pegs have torn the darkness away
 their shapes revealing the hideous truth, a grotesque revelation in pegs
 i could enjoy the dark, but now that there is light
 the light bright has killed my happiness.

 it's a picture of a turtle.
 i must die now.

 -dan '96

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