From: D`n`rchy 2601 To: Anyone Date: 06-29-95 02:42:25 Subject: Sleeves
   They are electric blue. 
   The air is charged with its energy and I am drowning. 
   Clutching at the clothes that I cannot wear. 
   My colours clash, so I yell, scream with the sound 
   of absolute gaudiness.
   Running uphill.  I am a clownish fool 
   in an infinite circus of finite uh... pizza.
   The shallow yellow of my belt reeks of fear. 
   I am blinded with the sight of myself in
   the full circle of a mirror.
   A buckle that strikes the decisive blow 
   to the forefront of my *pants.   

   The socks that shatter diamond. 
   Destroy logic. 
   Holes everywhere.  Show nothing. 
   It stinks of rotty feet.
   The path is unclear.  I cannot see. 
   And my red and white socks are no protection.
   Wrapped endlessly in an endless thing with no end.
   Tie untied, tie asunder!
   My jacket flies open.
   Shows its innards, green they glow.
   And the hanging shall never cease... 
   ... the fear shall never waver. 
   ... the pain shall never leave me. 
   Dear shirt, keep my gauche today.
   Make me a great big fashion 'no.'
   I use Bounce so your colours won't fade.
   See me think my wardrobe
                          - Daniel A. Rchy
                                -= D`n`rchy 2601 =- 

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