It's ripping, tearing into my mind. 
 The agony of this lifestyle is slowly driving me to death 
 Little bloody peice at a time. 
 I feel it burning into my heart. 
 I feel weak, as my torchered soul slowly melts away. 
 As the fire makes ash out of every little part. 
 Nothingness, darkness, everything looks so pale and bleek. 
 Closing my eyes to look upon the dirty remains of what my life use to be. 
 I can only feel hate, yet love is all I seek. 

    yummygony - dedicated to a very special creature. 
 You're biting, then crushing the wind 
 From your food as you slowly squeeze it to death 
 Then swallow swiftly the prey, all at a time 
 Do you feel the peristalsis move it down? 
 You bow weakly, but have a defiant, triumphant look 
 As you begin to digest almost every single part 
 To look at you, scales shining, shimmering, you're sleek 
 Never closing your eyes, made entirely of muscle, unlike me 
 But even though you just ate, for the next day, you're weak. 
  -D. Archy '96