94Apr29 11:37 pm from ;
the only one i can think of right off is vladimir zhirinovsky.  (i am sure 
that i mangled the spelling of his name, perhaps don't even have the right 
name at all)  he's that anti-semetic, nationalist russian politician.  i would 
definitely not mind having CNN mention that someone blew him away. 

   94Apr30 2:16 am from GargleButt!!
 no, don't kill anyone named Vladimir. 

   94Apr30 2:54 pm from The Joisey Boy
No, Z(for that^^^ guy; I don't either know, or think I can spell it)) should 
be given a Boot to the Head. 

   94May01 3:01 am from ;

   94May01 9:26 am from Danarchy
   I think he was saying that vlad "I ate my own son's arm" zhirinovsky  
should be given a boot to the head.  but I could be wrong. 

   94May02 12:23 am from ;
ok, i've got another european guy to add to the list.  the serbian president, 
slobidon milosavich i think is something close to his name.  wouldn't mind 
seeing him offed.  hmmm... we need more contributions though... 

   94May02 4:34 am from AJ
The Gore's need to go.  I want to kill Tipper though. 

   94May02 2:46 pm from Nimue
Definately Tipper... And all* Televangelists. 

   94May02 6:55 pm from AJ
Praise Bob hallelujia! 

   94May02 9:00 pm from Mocha
I hate Televangelists. I like the song "Jesus He Knows Me" by Genesis. A very 
accurate pardoy of those guys...slicked up middle aged guys with overly-made 
up wives and hidden mistresses. Heh. 

   94May02 10:57 pm from ;
actually suicidal did it better.  (imho)  al gore isn't that* bad is he?  i 
mean, he doesn't really deserve to die does he? 

   94May03 3:06 am from Disko Troop
  I fucking like* Al Gore.  I'd like to whack Rush Limbaugh, though.  I know 
it's probably cliche, but hell.  He sucks. 

   94May03 8:35 am from Felara
 I'd like to clobber the guy who sold me this car.  

   94May03 8:57 am from Danarchy
  yeah, Suicidal Tendencies did the televangelist thing much* better.  ... 
Send me your Money.  ... ;) 
  anyway, what DID Al Gore do to deserve your hatred?  do you hate him just 
'cuz he's married to Tipper?  or is there something else bad about him... does 
he have really bad BO? 

   94May03 12:32 pm from Disko Troop
  I think he would make a good pres. 

   94May03 2:56 pm from Death Reaper
What, Felara?  Your car went ka-put?  Oh wait, it's an Escort... ;> 

   94May03 3:51 pm from GargleButt!!
 I hate Al Gore simply because he doesn't have enough sense to marry someone 

   94May03 6:38 pm from Nimue
You know who I REALLY hate? I really hate Garth Brooks... Bible carrying 
son-of-a-bitch! Yeah, him and Billy Ray... I know there are more, but I can't 
think of them right now... Wait! Def Leppard. Gotta get rid of them and Bon 

   94May03 11:07 pm from ;
well, i hate vanilla ice, but i wouldn't kill him.   

   94May03 11:45 pm from Amberie
  "Ice, ice baby..." hehehe.... 

   94May04 3:29 am from AJ
The Gores need to die and I will tell you why.  They are a major force behind 
the largest group of "let's ban what we don't like" groups in the country.  
Those fascist little labels they put all over CD's in stores is their doing.  
They have founded half of the conservative organizations I hate.  Groups that 
use their influence to do things like getting certain groups and people black 
balled in music stores etc.  If you want me to be more specific I can be but, 
yes, they deserve my hatred. 

   94May04 9:51 am from Felara
  My timing belt snapped and there's something wrong with my power 
steering.  I think Ciera and Eclipse got the belt fixed, so all we need now is 
a pert dealie for the steering.   Oh well, at least the car is cute... 

   94May04 12:34 pm from Watney's Red Barrel
Those labels all say the same thing: "Kids! BUY THIS CD!!" 

   94May04 4:54 pm from Python
I agree with AJ here.  I think the Gores need to be thrown into a huge black 
pit filled with angry civil rights activists. 

   94May04 6:36 pm from Mocha
That would be...interesting. There's this girl in my school who has a picture 
in her locker of Jesus that says "Jesus died for your sins." Bah. I think it's 
hilarious that so many of those Bible-toting holier-than-thou people are 
racist, and actually, the Jesus they worship so heavily was in all probability 
either African or Middle-Eastern...that's where Bethlehem and Jerusalem are.  
Ha. That makes me mad.  

   94May04 7:13 pm from Disko Troop
  The labels are anything but a hindrance to sales.  And as for carding kids 
to buy shit, that's strictly a choice that the stores make.  That's why I 
boycott Musicland and Sam Goody.   

   94May04 8:11 pm from Nimue
You know what really sucks? I got over $100 in gift certificates to Sam 
Goody/Musicland... couldn't find anything* I liked... ended up buying stuff I 
didn't really want... 

   94May04 8:43 pm from GargleButt!!
 Yes, I remember from alcom X, where they talked about African people's "wool" 

   94May05 3:31 am from AJ
Disko Troop, those little labels and the carding are supposedly* the choice of 
the company and or the stores that carry the music.  However, they are still 
wrong and it is still censorship.  On top of that, it's not really* a choice.  
Put yourself in the shoes of the buiseness, if you don't carry labels groups 
like the PMRC deam unnaceptable it doesn't hurt buiseness much.  You're only 
down a few dozen albums and besides you still have all this mainstream crap 
you can sell to the kids.  Now, if you do go ahead and carry the black balled 
labels you are in for bad press from every connected parents group/church 
group in the area.  More to lose there than there is to gain (from a profit 
oriented point of view).  So, yea, there is a choice but you don't get to make 

   94May06 12:59 pm from Watney's Red Barrel
The probability of Jesus being African is nil. He was however very* Semitic 
and as such wouldn't be allowed to join most country clubs. Just as well, as 
he would make a mockery of the water hazards. 

   94May06 4:26 pm from Lumpenprole
This is for who you would like to kill? I nominate the cop who rousted me for 
JAYWALKING!! Only mere death isn't good enough. I would have to break all four 
of his limbs, gouge his eyes out, and then make him beg for mercy before I 
broke his skull like a melon. Then maybe skin what was left and hang the 
carcass from a lamppost with "Death to the Cops" written in his blood. That 
would make me feel better. 

   94May07 2:18 pm from Disko Troop
  You're scaring me. 

   94May07 5:54 pm from Ted Welter
Labling of music is silly (and probably has the opposite effect that the 
labelers intend), but it is NOT censorship.  If you could not buy the CD, or 
they bleeped out passages, THAT would be censorship.  Not receiving a 
government subsidy for doing whatever it is you call "art" is also NOT 
censorship.  By the way, I'm no fan of the Gores, either, but I hate it when 
words lose their meaning throughmisuse, and the word "censorship" certainly 
has taken a beating in the last decade. 

   94May08 3:26 am from ;
i think i like you lumpenprole...  :) 

   94May08 12:41 pm from Watney's Red Barrel
Maybe you should give not being a scofflaw a try, Lumpy. 

   94May08 5:47 pm from Nimue
Lumpenprole, where were you jaywalking that you got busted? 

   94May10 8:42 pm from Lumpenprole
I wasn't even crossing the street. I was walking on the sidewalk where it cut 
in front of the exit to a parking ramp; Hennepin and 8th downtown Minneapolis. 

   94May11 9:03 pm from Shalda
 jaywalking has got to be the most pathetic excuse for a crime I can think of. 

   94May11 10:39 pm from ;
there's always the anti-sodomy laws... 

   94May11 11:27 pm from Danarchy
   pathetic?  hell, those are fun!  sorry.  I just felt some insane urge to 
say that. 
       Anyway*, the funny thing IS that most record labeling is voluntary*.. 
that is why I do not hate the gore's.  If I recall, Tipper's big thing was to 
step up the "voluntary" record labeling... NOT the "we're stickering your 
album" labeling.  The PMRC just got a bit more of a bad rap than they 
deserved... but I could be wrong. 

   94May12 12:35 am from Disko Troop
  That's what I meant to say. 

   94May12 3:15 am from Watney's Red Barrel
There was a veiled threat of government intervention had they not complied, 

   94May12 2:27 pm from Danarchy
   The threat of government intervention is no problem.  It's the actual* act 
of intervention that I dislike.  The government can threaten all it wants... 
heck, it might do some good. 

   94May13 1:46 am from ;
stickers don't bother me.  just makes for more informed consumers.  same thing 
for rating movies.  (although movies also ban kids from entering sometimes, 
but do little kids really* need to see graphic violence and sex?)   

   94May13 7:29 am from Danarchy
That isn't always the case, though, don't forget. 

Back a few years ago, I went with a friend and saw Hellraiser 3, I believe it 
was.  It was some* extremely violent movie.  Went in, no problem with ID, etc, 
, and saw the movie.  Loved it.  The next day, 
the same friend and I went back to see "Mr. Saturday Night" with Billy 
Crystal.  I got carded, and could not enter.  Now, I've never seen MSN, but if 
it's like any other Billy Crystal comedy, it's R 'cuz of a few raunchy jokes. 

   94May13 8:20 am from Akira
The lead female in Hellraiser 3 was Lieutenant Dax. Just thought I'd mention 

   94May14 6:31 am from AJ
I'll dig up some of the more interesting bits I have on the stickering 
bit/PMRC/Gores etc. and share some.  I've been involved in fighting this stuff 
for awhile so I have plenty.   
Great discussion while I was gone.  Sorry I missed it. 

   94May14 12:41 pm from Death Reaper
I think everything should be censored.  Especially Menudo. 

   94May14 6:12 pm from Skavenjeur
that was dax....cool 

   94May16 7:27 am from Danarchy
  dax?  from which movie? 
 AJ:  please do* type up, and post some of your stuff on the gores, etc... I 
would like to hear it. 

   94May16 4:28 pm from The Necromancer
Dax, from DS9. 

   94May16 4:28 pm from The Necromancer
(you know, the one with the worm inside of her) 

   94May16 10:09 pm from The Joisey Boy
You mean the trilobite. 

   94May16 11:17 pm from ;
speeking of the star trek univers.  i'd be perfectly content if the borg swept 
through and killed off everyone except for picard, worf, and data.  even 
better would be if they experimented on jordie and that weasely little kid.   

   94May17 1:48 am from Disko Troop
  Hey, I like Geordi!  If he was kileed, who'd host Reading Rainbow?  Huh?  
Answer that one, smart guy.  ;) 

   94May17 1:05 pm from AJ
Danarchy, no problem but you'll have to wait until I get back into town.  I 
leave this evening for D.C.  Taking part in just a little protest out there.  
Protesting the "School Of The Americas".  They train foreign military groups 
how to better filet civilians and such. 

   94May17 2:49 pm from Danarchy
   Yeah, I'm somewhat familiar with the school of the Americas.  >:I  They 
suck real* hard.  They suck tons.  HOW many foreign dictators were trained in 
military stuff there? 
  Anyway, if Geordi were killed, Worf would host reading rainbow. 

   94May17 8:02 pm from The Joisey Boy
"Children!  You will read these books NOW!  AND TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!!!!!" 

   94May17 8:23 pm from The Necromancer
Hey*!  Geordi's my favorite character... and not just because he's a 
technoweenie, either. 

   94May18 1:12 am from Danarchy
   it's because he wairs a girl hair thing on his eyes. 

   94May18 10:42 am from Akira
   "Once there was a young girl named T'rach. She was picked on and teased by 
the other children, so she DESTROYED THEM!!! AND THEN SHE DESTROYED THEIR 

   94May18 1:08 pm from Disko Troop
  but don't take my* word for it... 

   94May18 2:32 pm from Skywalker
My step father, the first one that is, not the current one!!  All the stuck up 
people I knew in high school. 

   94May18 3:09 pm from ;
who was that quote from?  i don't remember ever seeing that. 

   94May19 4:30 am from Disko Troop
  ; - talking to me? 
  Geordi always says that on Reading Rainbow. 

   94May19 10:49 am from Danarchy
  I think he meant Akira's Worf thingie... which would have been straight from 
teh mind of Akira, I believe... 
  Anyway, other bastard prom goers.  Yup.   

   94May19 8:08 pm from Nimue
Hehehe... The whole thought of Worf hosting Reading Rainbow is really* 
funny... Especially if he did it in Klingon... 

   94May21 6:48 pm from The Toad
Yeah.  maybe he could slay a couple of kids too.  That'd be cool. 

   94May22 8:59 am from Danarchy
   Data would be cool to host the show, though.  Or Troi  

   94May22 3:03 pm from Disko Troop
  Naw.  I don't think so.  Picard?  Hmm. 

   94May22 8:55 pm from The Toad
Troi would be cool, as long as she was naked.  8) 

   94May22 11:45 pm from ;
too wide. 

   94May23 5:59 pm from The Necromancer
Kids would have trouble with the French accent, though. 

   94May23 9:17 pm from Lumpenprole
And besides, Picard never has liked kids. The only three things in the galaxy 
that he'll back down from: The Borg, Luaxana Troi, and children. 

   94May23 11:20 pm from ;
there's an idea.  have the borg host the show!   

   94May24 10:23 am from Felara
Necromancer, I believe that Troi has the British accent... 

   94May24 11:33 am from Flaw
Who cares all most guys say "lookit them hooters" 

   94May24 7:58 pm from Raistlin Majere
Owls!?!  Where!?! 

   94May24 11:41 pm from ;
since this is the hit list room, i'd like to add anyone who makes a stupid pun.

   94May25 1:58 pm from Agamemnon
  I know someone who does that as a hobby -- makes stupid puns.  Every time he
makes one in my presence, I a) Shoot him a dirty look (though I'd rather just
shoot him!) and b) Throw something at him.  It's worked so far. 

   94May25 4:45 pm from The Necromancer
the Borg!  A great idea!  Or Q... 
Borg: "Now-PostEmbryotic-Humans, 
which-you-refer-to-as `Green-Eggs-And-Ham'." 

   94May25 5:28 pm from AJ
Well, I'm back from D.C. and it went well.  The fasters (there were about 
twenty people fasting in protest, one of which is a priest) were remaining 
healthy and aside from the moisture the protesting was good.  We got invited 
in for the press conference with Kennedy on the subject which was 
interesting.  The depressing part of the whole ordeal was this:  we were there 
now because there was a bill up again (was shot down last year) to cut off all 
funding to the school.  In short, we only gained one vote over last year.  175 
vs. the 174 of last years vote.  However, on a lighter note, there were over 
thirty new abstentions.  So, our opposition was weaker.  So anyway, that was 
the trip.  It's good to be back. 

   94May25 11:27 pm from ;
the best part of the borg hosting it would be that they would convert all of 
the children into little borgs and plug them in.  twould rule! 

   94May26 1:21 am from Disko Troop
  Keep with it AJ.  It's nice to see someone acting on their beliefs, even 
though I've been lax in that area myself.  You're an amazing person, you know. 

   94May27 9:19 pm from AJ
Thanks.  I just tend to get overwhelmed with the number of pricks there are to 
kick against.   

   94May27 10:53 pm from Raistlin Majere

   94May28 1:51 am from Disko Troop
  Wouldn't you? 

   94May28 10:58 am from Danarchy
    anyone who feels a need to post something, anything, in a room, regardless 
of whether or not they actually have something to post.  :P  it's nice to have 
people posting, but please, DO try to keep a certain level to the posts.  
posting in every room, and yet saying nothing, si a good way to make me 

   94May28 5:42 pm from Raistlin Majere
Hmm.  I see.  That post did mean something... (stupid post #??) 

   94May29 8:05 am from James Dean
Dan... that makes you no better then us. :) Hehe... well, posters who post 
about shit really sucks, but what can ya do?  

   94May29 4:42 pm from Drunk Fox
 What if it's a meaningful post about shit? Is it still bad? 

   94May29 6:09 pm from Kafka
What if it's just a stupid question? 

   94May30 12:43 am from Gadot
What if it's just a stupid subject? Would we all be posting shit? 

   94May30 8:25 am from Danarchy
   What if the entire thing was stupid? 
    Raistlin:  technically, I s'pose, in one sense, that post DID mean 
something, however, I was thinking more along the lines or having any 
signifigance.  :P 

   94Jun03 12:05 am from ;
ok, i'd like to add to the official hit list whatever stupid fucker came up 
with the great idea of making a flintstones movie.   

   94Jun03 1:12 am from Death Reaper
 Or more to the point, the stupid fuck who began the advertising campain 

   94Jun03 2:36 am from Watney's Red Barrel
It's one of those "Why was this movie made?" movies. 

   94Jun03 3:11 am from Raistlin Majere
A flintstones TSR? 

   94Jun03 6:06 pm from GargleButt!!
 With all apologies to Minicon:  It musta seemed like a good idea at the time. 

   94Jun03 10:15 pm from AJ
Probably did and ya know, there might have been a way to pull it off.  
Unfortunately just advertising the hell out of it is easier than doing good 

   94Jun05 9:31 pm from Amberie
   I would like to have someone kill my father, any takers?  I will pay big 

   94Jun05 11:27 pm from Drunk Fox
 How much cash are we talkin' here Amberie? :)  What's up? 

   94Jun06 1:23 am from Death Reaper
Yeah, is it up front?  Is your father an important man?  Does he leave the 
house?  is there a motive for his death?  Any potential people to frame? 

   94Jun06 2:08 am from AJ
Amberie, please send me mail regarding the forementioned topic. 

   94Jun06 3:57 am from Disko Troop
  I won't do it for less than 5K. 

   94Jun06 4:33 am from AJ
I will. 

   94Jun06 5:42 am from Akira
Pay my tuition for a four year degree at MCAd and we have a deal. 

   94Jun06 9:53 am from Kafka
I can do it for a grand plus expenses.  How you want it done?  slow & painful, 
or just tie his lips to an anchor and throw him into the river? 

   94Jun06 2:38 pm from Watney's Red Barrel
My uncle went to jail for making big bucks. He made them a quarter inch too 

   94Jun06 3:08 pm from Guile
    That on'es so old, yer uncle's probably out now. 

   94Jun06 4:22 pm from Disko Troop
  Yeah, but I do quality work.  Want to make sure that we never get caught?  
Then for 5 grand, I'm your man. 

   94Jun07 5:43 am from AJ
Since you already said, the target is your father, then my usual plan is out.  
See, normally I would't even want to know your name.  That won't work this 
time and so I tell ya what, I match Kafka's offer and you won't be involved 
guaranteed.  No problems, no fuss.  One thing, you have to be willing to 
settle for something that looks like an accident.  I don't want to stick my 
neck out too far for a grand.  If your interested in that, contact me in mail. 

   94Jun07 10:13 am from Danarchy
  Does this offer apply to pets as well? 

   94Jun07 12:28 pm from Guile
     Yes, but who'd pay a grand to have a cat kill their father? 

   94Jun07 4:03 pm from The Toad
And a cat probably couldn't even do it.  Maybe a pit bull... 

   94Jun07 11:30 pm from Drunk Fox
 Jeez.. my cat could do it, if it ever go off it's lazy ass (donkey) and did 
anything.  I've seen it catch birds before, how hard is a father to kill?  

   94Jun08 1:20 am from Felara
 This cat could... >;> 

   94Jun08 6:10 pm from Danarchy
   I was thinking more along the lines of annoying yap-dogs. 

   94Jun08 6:27 pm from The Toad
I hate those litle ankle-biters.  I just step on 'em. 

   94Jun08 8:17 pm from Raistlin Majere
Millions of Hampsters in Heat could do Him in 

   94Jun08 2:34 am from ;
i hate all dogs.  i'm going to take the liberty of adding them all to the 
list.  we should actually compile an official death cookie hit list.  "wanted 
dead or worse"  is there any way that we could have a text file that was 
constantly updatable by the users, or maybe just by the moderator and aids?  
you'd also have to be able to display it to everyone whenever they wanted.  
maybe we could also make a list of avaliable hit persons and their prices, 
sales pitches, additional notes, past history, etc. 

   94Jun08 4:59 am from Disko Troop
  And then we could make trading cards....  Yeah, I like this idea. 

   94Jun08 6:38 am from AJ
Me too!  Let's run with it. 

   94Jun08 9:35 am from Danarchy
  the room is now a directory room.  If one of you would like to start the 
list, and upload it... I will keep it updated, how's that sound? 

   94Jun08 3:05 pm from Citadel
File "list.doc" (45 bytes) uploaded into hit list]: 
He he he he he.  Bigfile.  Not fancy.  KILL `EM!  [Raistlin Majere].

   94Jun09 12:42 am from Chris Benson
  Mike Tyson used to be number one on the hit list.  Incerdibly dumb joke. 

   94Jun09 10:08 am from Danarchy
  yes, it was. 
     and Raistlin:  I meant more of a list of who has been mentioned thus far 
in this room. 

   94Jun09 11:23 pm from ;
ok, so that idea is to first download the list (which is titled "hit_list.XXX" 
where XXX is the version number), then to add on the additional additions :)  
, increment the version number, then upload it again?  we should maybe have a 
few moderator types to do the alterations so that no dumbass adds trent to the 

   94Jun10 5:50 am from Disko Troop
  I'd like to see Trent on the list.  He's gone from creative genius to whiny 
in the space of two albums, IMHO. 

   94Jun10 1:30 pm from ;
big man with a gun=whining?  are there any more bands you find whiny?  i think 
i'll go buy them. 

   94Jun10 3:21 pm from Disko Troop
  The CUre is whiny (thanx, Akira)   
  also whiny: 
  Violent Femmes (like 'em though) 
  Dinosaur Jr.  (like this one too) 
  Rage Against the Machine (whiny gimmicky, but not bad) 
  Julianna Hatfield (fraggin' whiny) 
  R.E.M.  (whinicus maximus) 

   94Jun10 9:42 pm from Akira
I call 'em as I see 'em, Disko... 

   94Jun11 1:15 am from ;
ok, i have started to like the cure a lot (despite my strong wishes to the 
conrtrary (they are* whiny)).  i like rage, and i don't understand what their 
gimmick is, i like a violent femme song or two.  i don't really like JH, and i 
hate REM except for that song where they all get out of their cars and just 
walk away from the world.  that song fucking rules. 

   94Jun11 3:04 am from AJ
;, I dunno.  Suburban kids walking around listening to it in their walkmans 
doesn't seem like raging against the machine to me.  NIN or rather Trent, yea, 
I agree Disko.  I liked Violent Femmes when they had more attitude to go with 
their whine.   

   94Jun11 8:14 am from Mocha
Definitely. I agree with AJ about the Violent Femmes. I will always like their 
"Country Death Song". That is one hell of a funny song. 
 I always like to see people who call themselves "alternative". What the hell? 
What defines alternative? Something that not many people listen to? If so, 
then The BeeGees are alternative, BArry Manilow is alternative...I mean, c'mon 
you can't label music as much as we try to. It doean't work that way. And all 
of these music groups who say, "We're rebels." make me think of this little 
phrase I once heard. 
 "I'm a rebel!"  "Yeah, me too! We're all rebels! We're individuals!" 

   94Jun11 9:01 am from Danarchy
  there.  I think that will do it.  It's not really a list, but now every post 
in this room will save to the text file therein.  Every time it hits 20K, it 
will go on to a second.  Sound easy?  Good.  Anyway, I would like to see Elvis 
on it ...  

   94Jun11 11:27 am from Drunk Fox
Well.. it's past 20K now. :)  

   94Jun12 1:15 am from Death Reaper
It's archived?  Doesn't that mean at 20K it'll simply start scrolling? 

   94Jun12 2:26 am from Akira
Mocha = Kiwi= Putz 

   94Jun12 2:27 am from Akira
You know, the only thing I hate more than people who say they're 'alternative' 
is people who gripe about them. 

   94Jun12 from AJ
"I want to assert my individuality with others who are different like me." 
                           -King Missile 

   94Jun12 11:09 am from Danarchy
  weird... it isn't rolling over yet.  Mebbe the initial archive will take a 
while for that.  dunno.  it's not like I* archive room on a regular basis. 

   94Jun12 8:17 pm from Kafka
  "Look at me!  I'm DIFFERENT...  from my parents!" 

   94Jun13 8:25 am from Akira
Hey... my post disappeared... 

   94Jun13 8:29 am from Akira
Whoops. Never mind. It didn't. 

   94Jun16 11:00 am from Iggy
Who do I want to die?  Only if it's a slow painful death... I'd want to relish 
the moment... 

   94Jun22 from Mocha
Fuck you Akira. :P 

   94Jun22 10:48 pm from Raistlin Majere
Iggy, you scare me. 

   94Jun23 from AJ
Iggy you ammuse me. 

   94Jun23 7:30 am from Akira
I hate when people take so long to call back that I have to read reverse to 
see what I said to piss them off... 

   94Jun23 2:23 pm from ;
i hate it when you're trying to stick your nose in other peoples' business and 
one of them takes so long that you have to scroll back to see what started it 

   94Jun23 6:17 pm from Kafka
  I hate you.  Yeah, you, the guy reading this.  I hope you get hit by a truck. 
   F@#k you. 

   94Jun23 6:18 pm from Kafka
 Just kidding.  Will you lend me some money? 

   94Jun23 9:08 pm from Raistlin Majere
 Sure, you want that in SHaboozies, right? 

   94Jun25 from AJ
Kafka, no. 

   94Jun28 4:43 am from Death Reaper
 What?  Me?!  Fine then, get a new bass player. 
 Oh, sure, the check's in the mail. 

   94Jun28 3:28 pm from Danarchy
   Edie Brickell. 

   94Jul03 4:26 am from Kafka
  Thanks to everybody who sent me money.   

   94Jul04 10:11 pm from Nelly
I was asked by danarchy to post intelligently so here goes.  Hello! 

   94Jul09 10:09 pm from GargleButt!!
 Ma' Poppa. 

   94Jul10 2:29 pm from DJ Freebase

   94Jul10 6:05 pm from Anastasia
Why did people send ya money? - Kafka 

   94Jul11 1:44 am from Danarchy
   'cuz he asked for money? 

   94Jul11 2:12 am from DJ Freebase
Well if thats the case... 

   94Jul13 7:00 pm from Kafka
 Read old-reverse.  Sometime around June23.  Jerk. 

   94Jul20 2:57 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 Are NIN a satanic group? 

   94Jul20 4:26 pm from The Necromancer

   94Jul20 5:50 pm from Danarchy
   New addition:  Aaron, for* that post. 

   94Jul20 5:59 pm from Kilgore Trout
Ah...NO NIN is not satanic, nor is it a group.  Only in live situations is it 
a semblance of a group...Trent Reznor is really the only Nine Inch Nail...and 
he is just pissed off....thats all. 

   94Jul20 11:45 pm from The Joisey Boy
REALLY pissed off.  The second song on the first album is a tirade at/near 
renouncement of god in favor of nothing. 

   94Jul21 12:31 am from Zolena
Trent Reznor just got really screwed over by some chic.  Probably repeatedly.  
I I'd be pissed off too. 

   94Jul21 2:34 am from Disko Troop
  And whiny. 

   94Jul21 3:58 am from Akira
I heard he used to call Paranor a lot too. At least, that would explain a lot. 

   94Jul21 from AJ
I think he is the essence of Paranor.  Yes, Disko, very whiny in deed. 

   94Jul21 7:45 am from ;
bleah, twit the lot of you.  trent reznor isn't a group, he's god.  (note, 
'nothing' is his label.  therefore joisey boy's post would be sort of funny.) 

   94Jul21 9:28 am from Felara

   94Jul21 11:09 am from Danarchy
   bleh.  die all of you... Trent still rocks.  He's whiny, but he does it 

   94Jul21 12:13 pm from The Joisey Boy
Hear hear!  There are some new songs where he doesn't whine, just yell your 
ear off and make you like it(March of the Pigs). 

   94Jul21 4:00 pm from 64
    I love NIN!   But after listening to all of The Downward Spiral I get 

   94Jul21 6:44 pm from The Necromancer
Hence the name. 

   94Jul21 8:21 pm from Guile
     Hmmm...maybe I ought to add NIN to my list of groups that actually still 
make albums... 

   94Jul21 11:20 pm from The Joisey Boy
Of course, even if it is just Trent/God.   
 Actually, whoever back there said that he got "fucked over by a girl" was 
right.  Too many of his songs are violently sexual and self-hating to NOT have 

   94Jul22 3:30 am from Zolena
While I do not agree that Trent Reznor has gotten whiney, I do almost 
be             believe heis a god.  He took is pain and made it into something 
so many people can obviously relate to and maybe even enjoy. 

   94Jul22 10:48 am from ;
you really think he was screwed over by a girl?  i was wondering what all 
those references to a 'pretty hate machine' were about.  and, what's the big 
confusion about?  trent=god. 

   94Jul22 10:57 am from The Joisey Boy
Yes, very simple.  Trent=God, and nothing else. 
 ;-  In On Broken, "Wish" was to the girl who pssed him off(I think).  "Wish 
there was something real wish there was something true   Wish there was 
something real in this world full of you  I'm the one without a soul  I'm the 
one with this big fucking hole   No new tale to tell 26 years(how old was in 
92) on my way to hell"    
 And that was from memory.  God I love summer. 

   94Jul22 11:51 am from ;
i think it was about her and life in general too.  i dunno.  i personally 
think that song was written about me though.   

   94Jul22 2:37 pm from Zolena
Actually no, Trent was not referring to the girl who pissed him off, he was 
referring to the christian god.  And I quote "I put my faith in God and my 
trust in you  Now there's nothing more fucked up I could do." 

   94Jul22 8:53 pm from Purple Crayon
 Sure he put his faith in God, but he put his trust in an ambiguous "you". The 
"you" could refer to the girl that pissed him off. 

   94Jul23 12:24 am from Zolena
It could, but I somehow doubt it. 

   94Jul23 from AJ
Fine.  If Trent is God, I'm Satan.   
For the mood he tries to create, there are others that create that better, for 
me.  Musically, nothing special.  Production, not bad but there is better.  
This is all just an opinion, remember. 
In truth NIN is to industrial what Rage Against The Machine was to hardcore.  

   94Jul23 6:46 am from ;
nin's not really supposed* to be industrial.  i think he's actually trying to 
avoid any musical cliches, if possible.  what groups do you like better though?

   94Jul23 11:58 am from Danarchy
   The way I look at it, the music he plays would be considered industrial, 
but he does not play industrial music... 
   Kinda' like, he just sets out to write what sounds good to him, rather than 
try to fit a style. 

   94Jul23 6:48 pm from Guile
     You got it. 

   94Jul23 8:34 pm from PurpleGryffin
Pfuch ewe all 

   94Jul24 8:31 am from Akira
I was under the distinct impression he was in it for the money. Seems to be 
working, anyway... 

   94Jul25 from AJ
You misunderstood what I was getting at.  Fine, I don't care what you consider 
the music.  Most people I've heard talk about him throw him in industrial.  
Especially since he has worked with other industrial bands.  Anyway, the label 
wasn't relevant to what I was saying.  What I was getting at was that I think 
he is over hyped.  I think he comes up with some alright material, sure.  He 
isn't bad but, there are better.  I would never consider him a God. 
What do I like better?  For pissed off, Nick Cave 
                        For Loud and driving, M.D.C. and other hard core. 
                        For experimental electronic music, Severd Heads 
                        For pure f*cked up industrial, Einsturzende Neubauten 
                        And so on and so forth. 
For that matter when I'm in the mood for NIN I usually listen to Skinny Puppy 
as it's more interesting to me. 
This is all an opinion. 

   94Jul25 from AJ
Oh, and for production, Brian Eno. 

   94Jul25 8:36 am from ;
i've heard two skinny puppy albums, and i found them totally uninteresting.  
they were just endless mindless poorly done rhythms to my ears.  i wish i 
could hear in them what other people do.  reznor in it for the money?  he sure 
does a shitty job of marketing then.  no video tapes available, one video 
unshowable on TV, most of the rest make stations nervous... 

   94Jul25 9:16 pm from Vagabond Girl
See what I write in Muse-Ick, and then I come here and find it answered for 
me. Wowee. 

   94Jul26 8:59 am from ;
yeah, if i had a lot of money for cd's, i'd have really* good taste in music.  
oh well. 

   94Jul26 4:31 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 Only heard one NIN song, closer. It was pretty cool, what are the other songs 

   94Jul26 7:11 pm from Spam Queen
I'M A BiG FukInnG StUDDddDDD! E a T M Y ShIt A33h013s!                  
EaTmE!111!!1!1!1EaTMeEEEeeEeEe!  W Hy iS ThiS BoaRd So F u C K i N g  
33h000013SSSSS!!W Hy iS ThiS BoaRd So F u C K i N g  
SuCkSh11111111t!EaTmE!111!!1!1!1EaTMeEEEeeEeEe!  I'M A BiG FukInnG StUDDddDDD! 
E a T M Y ShIt A33h013s!                  I'M A BiG FukInnG StUDDddDDD! E a T 
M Y ShIt A33h013s!                  EaTmE!111!!1!1!1EaTMeEEEeeEeEe!  W Hy iS 
ThiS BoaRd So F u C K i N g  SuCkSh11111111t!W Hy iS ThiS BoaRd So F u C K i N 
g  SuCkSh11111111t!I'M A BiG FukInnG StUDDddDDD! E a T M Y ShIt 
A33h013s!                  I'M A BiG FukInnG StUDDddDDD! E a T M Y ShIt 
A33h013s!                  EaTmE!11!!1!1!1EaTMeEEEeeEeEe!  W Hy iS ThiS BoaRd 
So F u C K i N g  SuCkSh11111111t!A33h000013SSSSS!!W Hy iS ThiS BoaRd So F u C 
K i N g  SuCkSh11111111t!EaTmE!111!!1!1!1EaTMeEEEeeEeEe!  I'M A BiG FukInnG 
StUDDddDDD! E a T M Y ShIt A33h013s!                  
EaTmE!111!!1!1!1EaTMeEEEeeEeEe!  W Hy iS ThiS BoaRd So F u C K i N g  

   94Jul26 9:00 pm from Akira
Well, Aaron, they're just like Nirvana, so you ought to love NIN. 

   94Jul26 11:01 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 Cool! Which album is the best? 

   94Jul27 12:54 am from GargleButt!!
 Boom... Fawoosh.  heh.  Why are we talking about music here anyways? 

   94Jul27 4:32 am from Akira
Well, Aaron I'd start with Nirvana's classic 'This album sucks but it made us 
a shit load of cash' and follow that up with 'Sucker! By the time you have us 
figured out peolpe will be laughing at how it all went right over your head.' 

   94Jul27 2:23 pm from ;
this would be the hard knocks school of musical appreciation? 

   94Jul27 6:52 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 I mean what is the best NIN album? 

   94Jul27 7:25 pm from Death Reaper
 Oh, that would pr'y be, "look, I can masturbate using my macintosh and a few 
MIDI cables".  Here, I UL a recent review of their latest album... you might 
find it interesting.  I got it from someone who got it from Usenet... 

   94Jul27 7:26 pm from Citadel
File "nin.txt" (4,127 bytes) uploaded into hit list]: 
 A review of Nine Inch Nails latest album.  [Death Reaper].

   94Jul27 7:29 pm from Death Reaper
 (Type .Read Textfile NIN.TXT to view it.) 

   94Jul28 7:13 am from ;
i already read most of that.  i wonder how many meg's of BFPT material there 
are out there?   

   94Jul28 6:01 pm from Vagabond Girl
This is fucking hilarious. Great! 

   94Jul29 6:43 am from ;
someone's working on a FAQ currently.   

   94Jul31 6:13 pm from The Joisey Boy
;- What's the video that can't be shown?  Closer?  I know Wish is on MTV once 
in a while, but other than that, yes, Trent Reznor is distictively 
anti-social.  And that nin.txt is blasphemy. 

   94Aug01 7:25 am from Felara
 Considering that Closer is on MTV all the time, TJB, I doubt that that's the 
one.  I've also seen March of the Pigs, Head Like a Hole, Wish, and (I think) 

   94Aug08 12:42 am from The Joisey Boy
There's not that many.  I don't think.  But Closer has lots of places they had 
to static-out to make it decent. 

   94Aug08 7:11 am from Felara
 How do you know that isn't just how the video is supposed to be? 

   94Aug08 12:06 pm from The Joisey Boy
Trent would censor himself like that.  I'm pretty sure he was baring it all. 

   94Aug08 12:32 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 Trent Reznor + Pipe Cleaners = True Love... 

   94Aug09 12:14 am from The Joisey Boy
Eh?  Anyway, are there really that many videos?  I thought there was just 
Closer and Wish... 

   94Aug09 7:18 am from Felara
 Yuppers.  The others aren't played very often though, so if one wants to see 
them, one usually has to wait until ungodly hours of the night to do so.  
Heh.  Worth it for the most part. 

   94Aug10 10:22 am from ;
the closer video is censored.  the unedited version won't be shown on MTV type 
television.  there is also a video for happiness in slavery (think that's the 
song) that has graphic scenes of a guy being torn apart by a machine.  he's 
completely naked and the machine turns him into hamburger.  heh, any questions 
about nin, and i'm your guy.  i even chew the same gum. 

   94Aug10 4:20 pm from Zolena
;- where in the hell can I find a copy of fixed since it went out of print 
last summer?  I've been looking for a while. 

   94Aug10 4:45 pm from Felara
 Musicland or Applause.  Got one about a week ago at the Musicland in 
 ; - Figured that when you got back on here you'd set us all straight. 

   94Aug10 6:18 pm from The Joisey Boy
;-  Nasty!  He gets ripped up?!  YUCK!  Makes the words come to mind: 
 "i don't know what i am 
 i don't know where i've been 
 human junk 
 just words and so much skin 
 stick my hands through the cage 
 of this endless routine 
 just some flesh caught  
 in this big broken machine" 
 Hmm...how did they manage to rip someone up?  It was a dummy? 

   94Aug10 7:47 pm from Guile
     No, it was Trent. It's been an imitator ever since. 

   94Aug11 1:17 pm from The Necromancer
And, when you're watching the video, "don't open your eyes, you won't like 
what you see"... :) 

   94Aug11 3:29 pm from The Joisey Boy
hehe  Right!  :)  Hmm...maybe we should form the TRIG society...Trent Reznor 
is God.  Oh, wait, then he'd start sending us hate mail.  Oh well. 

   94Aug12 3:30 pm from ;
well, i don't know exactly what the special effects were that they used to 
simulate a person being ripped apart.  it's not trent by the way though.  i 
forget the name of the guy who gets ripped apart, but he's known as the super 
masochist.  anyway, he's reduced to hamburger and the machine pumps him out, 
then trent walks in and starts taking off his clothes to be next.  ummm.... 
you can find fixed almost everywhere i thought since the rerelease.  try most 
big stores like best buy, title wave, and circuit city.  are they really that 
hard to find now?  the really hard one to find is the UK version of the head 
like a hole single that contains the elusive Opal Mix.  !! 

   94Aug12 4:49 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 Why would someone hate you if you thought he was god? 

   94Aug12 6:19 pm from Felara
 If you don't already now, then you're not cool enough for us to tell you. 

   94Aug12 9:11 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 Well how did you know? Were there people telling you couldn't know? If that 
 how it always is(was) you would have never known... erie... 

   94Aug13 8:57 am from Guile
      ;, that's my point. Trent *was next. Face it, it's been Elvis in a mask 
ever since. 

   94Aug14 10:37 am from Thaaddios
I saw that video at first ave....the machine went for his genitalia and my 
friend turned pale and turned away...a horror fan, but being male, it was a 
bit to realish for him....the video was not funny, but his face was. 

   94Aug14 12:21 pm from The Joisey Boy
Trent Reznor is one of the most fucked up people I've ever heard of.  He 
recorded The Downward Spiral in Manson's house, and when he was done he broke 
a door off its hinges and took it home as a souvenir.  YUCK!  And then that 
stuff about grinding people up...just how* did the machine do it?  I mean, 
dismember them, then suck the pieces into it, and crank them out in piles that 
could be put into ziplocs? 

   94Aug15 1:30 am from Vagabond Girl
 I think Trent Reznor is fascinating, and I'd fuck him, but only with someone 
else's dick. ;) 
 Oh yeah...on the top of my shitlist are prolife groups who encourage shooting 
doctors that do abortions. I bet if they had a way to do it without hurting 
the "baby soldier" or whatever, they'd shoot women seeking abortions just as 

   94Aug15 8:17 am from Felara
 Trent Reznor is my hero.  I like the way he thinks.  I can admire that in a 

   94Aug15 8:56 am from ;
yeah, and he's soooo cool cause he was living in Mr. Manson's house.  i mean, 
how weird can you get?   he's kinda cute too, and he like invented industrial 
music too. 

   94Aug15 8:56 am from ;
my apologies, i'm in a bad mood.  god, i really hate presents. 

   94Aug15 1:31 pm from The Necromancer
Fixed.  That*'s the name of that other album I saw at Musicland.  Same design 
as Broken, but it was blue instead of orange. 

   94Aug15 3:20 pm from The Joisey Boy
;- that is isn't soooo cool.  Manson was sick asshole and a murderer. 
 Necro- Trent?  Punning?  I'll believe it hen I see it.  What sort of things 
were on the album?  Old re-mixed stuff? 

   94Aug15 5:11 pm from Vagabond Girl
 It was sort of like Broken and Fixed could have been a complete full album, 
but they only decided to release on, then the other, kinda like paying 
seperately for sides a and b.  
 wormbaby: Okay, I admit it. I think he's great looking, I like his music, and 
I wouldn't mind meeting him one day. He's a Pagan too, which is nice because 
we'd have something to talk about. I spent all of my teenage years trying to 
avoid hero worship and star-crushes because it was cooler not to have them. 
Fuck that. This is the first I've allowed myself, and I'm* going to enjoy it. 
 As far as inventing industrial, no. That was me*. ;) 

   94Aug15 10:24 pm from Grass Weaver
Pro-Lifers that kill the abortion providers.  Kinda goes agains what we should 
believe shouldn't they?  Acutally, I'm pro life, but I totally disagree with 
that Killing the doctors... or anybody else for that matter.  Sorta that life 
is sacred thingy for me I guess.  oh well.  But I don't think we should kill 
the pro-lifers for killing the doctors.  Just... I dunno.  Make them sit in an 
opoerating room during one of those vile acts of abortion.  That should make 
them ... Madder actually... oh well.. 

   94Aug16 12:53 am from Disko Troop
  Lately I've been losing respect for the human life as an idea.  I don't know 
exactly what that means, but... 

   94Aug16 7:56 am from ;
he's pagan?  oh shit, tell me it ain't so.  he's never said anything like that 
in any interview i've read.  is this some sort of nasty rumor or something?   
i would think he's much too cynical and rational for that.  (i almost said 
intelligent ) 

   94Aug16 10:42 am from Aaron the Anarchist
 I saw fixed at best buy. 

   94Aug16 10:43 am from Aaron the Anarchist
 trent reznor isn't pagan, he's satanic 

   94Aug16 2:07 pm from The Joisey Boy
No, he isn't.  Being against god doesn't make you satanic. 

   94Aug16 2:44 pm from Thaaddios
Only the christianity could be so concieted to think that...I am athiest, but 
I think maybe someday I will look into Buddism, from what I understand, they 
work on living instead of death...no god, just a model of the perfect human. 
(ok, so I might not that great of one....) 

   94Aug16 9:37 pm from Vagabond Girl
 Hey worm; I'm a pagan, but not all of us are into that sweetness and light 
crapola. Watch what you say about other people's religions...I try not even to 
cut on Christianity...Mom's a Christian, and she pretty much elevates my 
entire opinion of it cuz she's an example of how it can be a hip thing. 

   94Aug16 10:15 pm from Grass Weaver
Wow.  somebody who knows ya don't have to be dull to be christian... even tho 
she's not christian.  Kewel.  oh well.  My neighbors are on my hit list... 

   94Aug17 7:59 am from ;
don't rip on other people's religions?  youkidding?  i'm worm, it's what i 
do.  and if there's one religion that i find almost as annoying as 
christianity, it's the whole mishmash of pagan/wiccan/new-ager beliefs that is 
so hip now.  i guess the thing that's missing from religion that really bugs 
me is people thinking for themselves.  with christianity, the main problem is 
the "for themselves" part.  with wiccanism, etc. it's the "thinking" part. 

   94Aug17 9:07 am from Akira
I am an Edist. I believe that god is a guy named Ed Rimkus who lives in Boise 
(not the one in Idaho, though). He only likes intelligent people, and the 
afterlife (i.e. great trip to Boise) can be purchased for the right price. The 
great things about Edism is that: 
 1. I am the High Priest (Abdicated and Reclaimed). 
 2. The afterlife has a full money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied 
    with the afterlife, there is a thirty-day return period on your 
    initial payment. 
 3. Ed don't like stupid people. 

   94Aug17 1:14 pm from The Joisey Boy
There's a guy on The Grave Yard who has every NIN album ever made, all 11 of 

   94Aug17 4:01 pm from Zolena
Joisey Boy_ What are the 11 albums?  I only have seven of them.  I thought 
only 8 existed. 

   94Aug17 5:34 pm from The Necromancer
Eleven*?  I only own 2, and only knew of 2 more (excluding singles)... but, of 
course, I only started liking |\| | |/| as of about two weeks ago. 

   94Aug17 8:02 pm from Guile
     That would do it. 

   94Aug17 10:53 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 I've seen 6. 

   94Aug18 6:50 am from ;
let's see...  
 head like a hole single, U.S. 
 head like a hole single, U.K. 
 down in it 
 march of the pigs 
 march of the pigs U.K. 1 
 march of the pigs U.K. 2 
 closer to god 
 closer to god U.K. 1 
 closer to god U.K. 2 
 the downward spiral 
 pretty hate machine 
 i think i remembered them all, and didn't make any up.  i don't have any of 
those two part disks, so i get confused. 

   94Aug18 12:14 pm from The Joisey Boy
He also numbers them, with "Halo x" on the disk/sometimes the box.  Halo One 
is the head like a hole single. 

   94Aug18 11:30 pm from The Necromancer
I was wondering what Halo One was... so they number the singles, too, eh? 
Oh, I get it - sin, #3, down in it, #4, broken, #5.  Ah. 

   94Aug19 9:14 am from ;
but the U.K. versions don't have halo numbers for the most part. 

   94Aug19 2:33 pm from The Joisey Boy
Nope.  They were independent of the halos. 

   94Aug19 3:20 pm from The Necromancer
Wouldn't they just keep the same halo number? 

   94Aug20 9:47 am from Akira
  (To NiN's "Closer:")  
 You let me defecate you  
 You let me masturbate you  
 You let me levitate you  
 You let me little-man-tate you  
 Buy Me - My record's in the Top 5  
 Buy Me - I've got much more to sell  
 Buy Me - The only thing that works for me  
 Is to whine and scream about hell  
 I'll just say "fuck" for missings syllables  
 I'll just say "shit" a hundred more times  
 I'll just say "fuck" for missing syllables  
 My whole career as a fraud  
 I'm just a rich fucking clod  
 I could buy the fucking nation  
 I could pay the national debt  
 I could buy your parent's estate  
 I'm as loaded as they get  
 Buy Me - 'Cause I want your money  
 Buy Me - It's your cash I can smell  
 Buy Me - I've got you brainwashed  
 To buy whatever I have to sell  
 I'll just say "fuck" for missing syllables  
 I'll just say "shit" a hundred more times  
 I'll just say "fuck" for missing syllables  
 My whole career as a fraud  
 I am more famous than God  
 Through all the stores in every mall  
 My face is plastered wall to wall  
 You've got the money, I've got the time  
 You've got my music, I've got your mind  
                                 -What Trent's Really Thinking         
                                       (B. Athon) 

   94Aug20 4:26 pm from Vagabond Girl
 Mean as fuck, but talented*. 

   94Aug20 11:29 pm from The Joisey Boy
Bite me in the ass, Akira.  That was blasphemy. 

   94Aug21 1:39 am from The Necromancer
The "I'll just say `fuck' for missing syllables" part applies more to Snoop 
Doggy Dogg than it does for Trent... 

   94Aug21 6:45 pm from The Joisey Boy
No kidding.  Trent uses curses as a form of venting his feelings, Snoop just 
curses for fun. 

   94Aug21 8:21 pm from Akira
Most blasphemt is true. That is why we know* Ed exists, as he is the most 
blasphemous of all! 

   94Aug21 9:00 pm from Shalda
 Praise Ed. 

   94Aug22 6:50 am from ;
i just curse for fun too.   

   94Aug22 11:21 pm from The Joisey Boy
NIN_LYR.ARJ= Worth the download, if you like NIN. 

   94Aug23 4:16 am from The Necromancer

   94Sep06 11:32 pm from Hiro Protagonist
lots of people deserve to die...anyone who attends wrestling matches (like WWF)

   94Sep07 6:56 pm from Aaron the Anarchist

   94Sep07 7:12 pm from Hiro Protagonist
 I had a dream where I attended a WWF wrestling match. I just woke up. What do 
you suppose this means? 

   94Sep08 6:35 am from ;
  "AH! fuck i'm dead!"   

   94Sep08 12:25 pm from Lumpenprole
couldn't they at least send all the wrestlers to stuntman's school? They could 
fight a lot more convincingly (unless they're not supposed to). 

   94Sep12 5:25 pm from Marius
  "Caw Caw, BANG! Fuck I'm dead"  (Sorry, seemed appropriate) 

   94Sep19 12:49 am from Vagabond Girl
I just watched that movie today. (Hi Marius. Long time, no viddy.) 

   94Sep21 6:16 pm from Marius
 Great movie   
 VG:  so call me sometime ;) 

   94Sep21 6:35 pm from Vagabond Girl
Like I have your phone number, you fucker. :) 

   94Sep22 3:08 pm from Ankh
You could just ask the fucker for it. 

   94Sep22 4:01 pm from Catnap
A WWF restling match?  What a nightmare! 

   94Sep22 10:03 pm from Marius
 Lets leave my love life out of it ;P 

   94Sep22 10:37 pm from ;
ok, i'd like to add to the hit list the guy who decided to close off the two 
foot bridges over washington the first day of classes.   
 VG:  call me too sometime. 

   94Sep23 5:31 am from Felara
 Hey, good idea.  You should call me as well, VG.  I know* I've given you my 
number some time in the past. :) 

   94Sep24 4:14 am from Death Reaper
 They did WHAT, ;?!?  They closed those bridges?!  What they HELL are they 

   94Sep24 4:27 pm from Citadel
File "TL99B8.ZIP" (0 bytes) uploaded into hit list]: 

   94Sep24 4:28 pm from Citadel
File "nin.lyr" (3,752 bytes) uploaded into hit list]: 
  this here is the file that has about 5 different songs in it..  [Thing].

   94Sep24 4:29 pm from Thing
  it's kinda finny what line noise can do for you.. like that TL99B8.ZIP.. I 
am just wondering where the hell that came from there. 

   94Sep24 4:58 pm from Danarchy
   Dammit, Thing, don't make me kick your ass.  If you're uploading lyrics, 
put them in "Aural Assaults," got it? 

   94Sep24 8:35 pm from ;
think i'll add thing on here too.  not that it was all that bad, i just don't 
have anything better to add. 

   94Sep25 1:25 am from Vagabond Girl
Everybody who wants me to call them should mail me their phone number now, 
please. :) 

   94Sep25 2:58 am from SPOON
Is that a hint Vagabond Girl? 

   94Sep25 12:16 pm from ;
NO!, i won't!   ...and you can't do anything about it! 

   94Sep26 3:08 am from Felara
 Mohahahhaa!  But I can! >;) 

   94Sep26 10:58 am from Danarchy
  You can what? 

   94Sep26 2:38 pm from Death Reaper
 She CAN! 

   94Sep26 3:19 pm from Ankh
She can do it she has the special power. 

   94Sep27 10:21 am from Danarchy
  Oh.  She "CAN!".. I see.  That's... well, interesting, to say the least. 

   94Sep28 12:38 am from Catnap
Felara has that special kind of power, one that we cannot possibly comprehend. 

   94Sep28 10:07 pm from Grass Weaver

   94Sep29 2:24 pm from Ankh
It is possible to comprehend, but we must work together. 

   94Sep30 9:20 am from Felara
 Heh, even then it should take you a good chunk of the next century to figure 
it out. ;) 

   94Oct01 11:29 pm from Big Pickle
I want to feed arsenic to Ankh's god-damn puppy.  One nut-sniff too many, man. 

   94Oct02 10:20 pm from Max Sterling
 That would not be a good Idea.. 

   94Oct03 6:08 pm from Wednesday
 my puppy is just waay too perky.  

   94Oct03 9:36 pm from Elrond
So maybe arsenc would be good for it? 

   94Oct03 10:55 pm from The Joisey Boy
Hmm..my hit list: 
 1.  Annie Beattie. 
 2.  Annie Beattie. 
 3.  Annie Beattie. 

   94Oct04 2:11 pm from Guile
    I f w e k n e w w h o t h a t w a s i t m i g h t b e w o r t h t h e ; ) .

   94Oct04 4:07 pm from Disko Troop
  Hipilito's mysterious ways. 

   94Oct04 5:57 pm from Hecate
Well, then this will be even worse then... 
 1) I can't mention his name here... 
 2) I can't mention his name here... 
 3) I can't mention his name here... 
    See? JB's post isn't that* bad... 

   94Oct04 8:24 pm from Grass Weaver
Oooh, lists. 
 1) Larry, my schools principle, 
 2) Mr. Younk, my asshole Consumer Economics teacher 
 3) that little shit in school that allways says something stoopid and kisses 
a locker whenever I walk past (damned hicks)  
 4) Garth Brooks (i'm gonna feed i'm to a llama) 

   94Oct05 11:37 am from Death Reaper
 Damned hicks. 

   94Oct05 2:40 pm from Zara
Eenny meanie, mineie moe catch a redneck by his toe.... 

   94Oct05 3:48 pm from ;
1-about 300)  all of the west coast rappers, and those from other coasts that 
copy their style.  add to that all r&b singers except for perhaps en vogue. 

   94Oct05 7:42 pm from Ankh
Big Pickle, my puppy will not consume. 

   94Oct05 11:36 pm from The Joisey Boy
Oh, ya wanna know?  Annie was a girl at school I was in love with and then 
snubbed me because I was a nerd.   

   94Oct06 2:17 am from Guile
    Alright Annie! 

   94Oct06 1:09 pm from Ankh
How could she not love a nerd? 

   94Oct06 2:45 pm from Hecate
Hey, there's nothing wrong with nerds... I'd personally love* nerds. 

   94Oct06 3:20 pm from Zara
I thought about only going out with nrds for a while but desided against it. 

   94Oct06 6:02 pm from GargleButt!!
 I'm a nerd cuz I spent all my money on Dark MTG cards. 

   94Oct06 6:04 pm from GargleButt!!
 But still no one goes out with me. 

   94Oct07 2:41 pm from Death Reaper
  No, that doesn't make you a nerd, that makes you a complete imbecile.  Hell, 
I don't even know what the "Dark" series is... :P 

   94Oct08 1:08 pm from Danarchy
   I do, I'm afraid.  Dammit.  And I'm gonna turn into a full-fledged Magic 
geek tomorrow, when I teach yet *another person how to play.  Oh well.  Not 
like I wasn't already a full-fledged geek, without* Magic to help.  ,P 

   94Oct08 3:10 pm from Thaaddios
I spent 8 hours in two days, playing magic after school. I did not win once. 
This is bad. :{ 

   94Oct08 4:04 pm from Hecate
I spent last night playing Magic with my best friend... Oh and I spent more 
than my share on Dark cards too... 'Cuse me while I kill the person who's 
responsible for me being hooked... Oh, by the way, I won every game.:) 
('Course disks and Wrath of Gods help!) 

   94Oct08 4:47 pm from Wednesday
 haven't bought any new cards in months. I played MtG in study hall with a 
 adorable freshman type boy...(the same one who likes my cousin, if any 
 of you knew that story...)  

   94Oct08 6:20 pm from The Joisey Boy
You freaks.  Magic is sucks your money, life, and soul away from you!  Get out 
while you can! 

   94Oct08 11:00 pm from Grass Weaver
Had no cash, so I wrote two checks for magic cards, about 10 for one and 
around 20 for the other, both overdrawn, so 19 added to each, that's around... 
$68 I owe the damned bank for that damned game. 

   94Oct09 12:43 am from Danarchy
    Hecate, I hope that you don't have more than 3 of any one card in the deck 
you're playing with.  People who do that suck. 
    And I think I have bought just about all the Magic Cards I ever will.  
That rules.  Jyhad, on the other hand...  

   94Oct09 3:50 am from Disko Troop
  yehaw.  Need to playjyhad again soon. 

   94Oct09 11:49 am from Hecate
Well, Danarchy, I do* have more than 3 lands in my deck... ;) 
   Jyhad! Ack! Back! Not another player! Come on guys, play a real game, not a 
game that you can only have a certin # of cards in a deck, and you go spend 
money on blood counters!  

   94Oct09 2:12 pm from Death Reaper
 yeah, play a REAL game.  Like Warhammer 40K! 

   94Oct09 5:04 pm from Exarch
Yeah, dammit! Eat hot shuriken! 

   94Oct09 6:40 pm from Danarchy
   Who spends money on blood counters?  I use pennies. 
   And WH40K is one of the few RPG's which costs *more than Magic ever will to 

   94Oct09 8:37 pm from Thaaddios
I want to play jyhad! I played/play Vamp. and well, damnit, I need a job to 
afford them... 

   94Oct10 12:41 am from ;
the problem with vampire the masq.  is that there's probably no more than one 
good campaign in existance at any  given time.   

   94Oct10 2:23 am from Katsumi
true. the group i play with, is pretty interesting though. 

   94Oct10 12:51 pm from Death Reaper
 why is there a comma in the middle of that sentence? 

   94Oct10 7:30 pm from GargleButt!!
 Cuz if it was a period it would be two sentances. 

   94Oct11 12:33 pm from Shalda
  Well it's, because, if we, put commas at, odd, places it can, confuse some, 
people.  And it can make you sound like captian Kirk. 

   94Oct11 6:33 pm from Tryptyme
 You already confuse people anyways, Shalda. 

   94Oct11 9:36 pm from Shalda
 But, if we, are to be, true trekkies, then, we must, act like this. 

   94Oct11 11:16 pm from ;
i'd like to add william shatner to this list because he's a really lame actor. 

   94Oct12 4:27 am from Disko Troop
  And his hair frightens me. 

   94Oct12 9:06 am from Shalda
 but not as much as Nimoy's. 

   94Oct12 10:36 am from Guile
      Pennies are money, Dan. 

   94Oct12 6:32 pm from Gadot
I'd like to add all my teachers (especially english) to my hit list. Thank 
oyu. :) 

   94Oct12 6:53 pm from Hecate
I'd like to add my principal right now... 'Cuz he thinks he has the right to 
tell us nerds that we have* to stay at school and not go to get real* food 
after the A.P. tests next spring... as per tradition! 

   94Oct12 11:30 pm from Shalda
 Really?  At my highschool, they just asked me not to get caught the next time.

   94Oct13 12:31 am from ;
i'd like to add ciera's hair to this list.  it should be shot.  i'd also like 
to add all* highschool counselors in the u.s. to this list. 

   94Oct13 6:39 am from Lumpenprole
Senator Jesse Helms. He should have been assassinated years ago. 

   94Oct13 2:33 pm from Agamemnon
 1. Ryan's roommat 

   94Oct13 7:33 pm from Breetai
as long a the republicans go first. :) 

   94Oct13 11:12 pm from ;
oj simpson.  just because he's such a pain in the ass. 

   94Oct14 1:32 am from Death Reaper
 well, he pr'y is, but we'll neve really know.  how about the media instead? 

   94Oct15 1:39 am from Breetai
Kill'em all let their god sort them out. 

   94Oct15 9:24 am from Tryptyme
 Breetai- Now you've got me wondering, where's that from? 

   94Oct15 1:12 pm from Lumpenprole
I think that is originally from some medieval warlord who massacred everyone 
in a city. The phrase became current again during the 'Nam era. 

   94Oct15 10:29 pm from Grass Weaver
My neighbor.  Bastard hollers at us if we get grass on his precious new tar 
drive|Sswy, then screams at us if we try to clean it off.  bastard.  

   94Oct17 12:08 am from Death Reaper
 why did you try to clean it off?  if i was yelling at some fucking hippy kids 
who were fucking with my driveway i don't think i'd want them poking their 
fucking 14 year old fingers in it. 

   94Oct19 9:39 pm from Dwarf Twinkie
Hhit me two time! 

   94Oct19 11:37 pm from Grass Weaver
I'd like to place my Managers at work on the hit list.  With a large, blunt, 

   94Oct20 11:11 pm from Gadot
Hmm, a guy named: Kyle Smith, I'd just like to beat the living SHIT outta him! 

   94Oct21 4:11 pm from Katsumi
someone wanta kill my step mom? 

   94Oct21 9:27 pm from Gadot
Only for a price... 

   94Oct22 1:14 pm from Death Reaper
 Yeah, that's how things are done around here. 

   94Oct22 1:28 pm from Agamemnon
  My hypocritical roommate.  She drives me focking crazy, but then again we're 
best friends so...  Irritating. 

   94Oct22 10:25 pm from Guile
     Yes, you are *so irritating. 

   94Oct22 11:13 pm from Grass Weaver
 My GF's uncle.  Found out he beats on her.  Bastard.  How about a Beat the 
shit out of Jay run?  I'll provide the blunt instruments.  But the sherrif 
lives next door, so we'll have to beat the shit out of him too. 

   94Oct23 1:45 am from ;
we'll just beat the shit out of the lot of you.  how about adding my 
hypothetical roommate to this list?  she's being really irrationally crabby 

   94Oct23 2:32 am from Death Reaper
 she's cute when she's crabby.   

   94Oct23 2:46 am from DON Rodent!
 Hello.  She is my rodent friend.  G.R.Ass Weaver is not.  goodbye. 

   94Oct23 3:47 am from Katsumi
is there room for my step mom on that list? 

   94Oct23 7:26 am from Exarch
I beat the sherrif... 

   94Oct23 7:27 am from Exarch
My mom. Somehoe she got the idea in her head that turning the front door into 
a 'Moyuth of Sarlacc'-type orifice for Halloween would be bad*. How am I 
supposed to get a career in f/x if I can't practise? 

   94Oct23 11:09 am from Grass Weaver
Oooh.  DR then DR right afterwords.  Figgures.  I've allways pictured Death 
Reaper as an infantile rodent. 

   94Oct23 11:45 am from Death Reaper
 I've allways [sic] pictured you a 14 year old suburban alterna-trend peace 
loving hippy twit. 
 she's wrong, Exy, that would rule.  maybe if you just put a bucket of dry ice 
down by the stairs or something... 

   94Oct23 1:34 pm from Exarch
Nah. Fuck dry ice and strobe lights. This year it's neon and motion sensors. 

   94Oct23 7:15 pm from Felara
 Ugh.  I'm cute* when I'm crabby?!?  Yeesh. ;) 

   94Oct23 8:20 pm from Agamemnon
 Thanks, Guile.  I needed that.  You're nice, too...like a bad rash or 

   94Oct23 8:46 pm from Death Reaper
 look- everyone's getting pissed off, this rules! 

   94Oct23 10:23 pm from Katsumi
 maybe not all of us. ;) 

   94Oct24 12:02 pm from Agamemnon
  I'm amused, not pissed off.  Been a while since someone tried to insult me. 

   94Oct24 12:55 pm from Breetai
   You are an insult.:P 

   94Oct24 1:08 pm from Guile
     Wait...what did I do? 

   94Oct24 3:18 pm from Agamemnon
  Danke Breetai, I appreciate the sentiment immensely. 

   94Oct24 10:36 pm from Grass Weaver
Getting pissed off is fun.  Seems to be the entire point of calling this 
board.  Peace loving?  YEAH... okay.... 

   94Oct24 11:41 pm from Katsumi
isn't confusion wonderful?:)  

   94Oct25 9:02 pm from Zara
How about my mother? It could be fun... 

   94Oct25 9:51 pm from Grass Weaver
For a hit list or are you being demented? 

   94Oct26 12:01 am from Katsumi
maybe both? 

   94Oct26 4:01 pm from Wired
     Who's dead? 

   94Oct26 4:34 pm from Deb

   94Oct26 11:19 pm from Death Reaper
 Oh.  Bummer. 

   94Oct26 11:19 pm from Death Reaper
 She ruled. 

   94Oct27 5:50 pm from Deb
I miss me. 

   94Oct29 12:57 pm from Guile
     Me too. 

   94Oct29 7:11 pm from Deb

   94Oct29 10:06 pm from Guile
     You're welcome. 

   94Oct29 11:07 pm from Deb
That sucked. 

   94Oct30 1:37 pm from Guile
     Yup. So it did. 

   94Oct30 5:55 pm from Zara
I meant for the hit list. You're icky. I would miss you Deb, but I really 
don't know you too well. 

   94Oct30 6:04 pm from Deb
Are you saying that I'm icky? 

   94Oct31 11:37 am from Guile
     Maybe, but what would you do with a brain if you had one? 

   94Nov01 8:41 am from Deb
Lick me. 

   94Nov01 11:50 am from Agamemnon

   94Nov01 8:56 pm from Guile
     Like me. 

   94Nov01 11:48 pm from Death Reaper

   94Nov02 11:43 am from ;
i think john bon jovie needs to be added to the list.  don't mind me though, 
just keep doing what you're doing. 

   94Nov02 12:44 pm from Wired
     Light me. 

   94Nov02 11:31 pm from The Joisey Boy
Bon Jovi toilet paper. 
 Can you hit the target? 

   94Nov04 1:16 am from Breetai
SWM looking.........looking............looking.......... 

   94Nov06 1:53 pm from Agamemnon
 I'll just aim for Richie Sambora, thanks anyways. 

   94Nov10 6:56 pm from Vagabond Girl
Or all the republicans that won. 

   94Nov11 12:31 pm from ;
oh yeah, i forgot to add newt gin-grinch.   

   94Nov11 3:53 pm from The Necromancer
Bob Dole. 

   94Nov13 3:15 am from Yarl of Novgorod
Bob hole? 
   What kind of hole is he? 

   94Nov13 4:47 pm from Wired
     GrAss Hole 

   94Nov13 6:14 pm from Guile
     Bob Hole. Sings with Courney Love. 

   94Nov13 11:10 pm from Grass Weaver
yup, I got a hole, but you aint sticking anything of yours up it.  Wierd? 
nope.  just dense. 

   94Nov14 12:00 am from Guile
     Dense? I hardly know her! 

   94Nov14 8:54 am from Deb
I lived it! 

   94Nov14 4:36 pm from The Joisey Boy
I was a dense once... 

   94Nov14 7:01 pm from Grass Weaver
I'm looking for a bucket of steam and a tray of density. 

   94Nov14 8:13 pm from GargleButt!!
 I got your dense right here! 

   94Nov16 12:15 am from Felara
 Denser?!  I hardly know `er.  Ugh. 

   94Nov17 10:37 am from Shalda
 run into the basement and grab a package of hotdogs. 

   94Nov21 7:34 am from Doggie

              The Man Who Taught His Asshole to Talk 
                        by William S. Burroughs 

    His whole abdomen would move up and down, you dig, farting out the 
 words. It was unlike anything I ever heard. A bubbly, thick, stagnant 
 sound: a sound you could smell. This man worked for the carnival, you 
 dig, and to start with it was like a novelty ventriloquist act. After 
 a while, the ass started talking on its own. He would go without 
 anything prepared and his ass would ad-lib and toss the jokes back at 
 him every time. Then it developed sort of teeth-like, little raspy, 
 incurving hooks, and started eating. He thought this was cute at first, 
 and built an act around it, but the asshole would eat its way through 
 his pants, and start talking on the street, shouting out it wanted equal 
 rights. It would get drunk too, and have crying jags. Nobody loved it, 
 and it wanted to be kissed like any other mouth. Finally, it talked 
 all the time, day and night, you could hear him for blocks, screaming at 
 it to shut up, beating at it with his fists, and sticking candles up it. 
 Nothing did it any good, and the asshole said to him, "It is you who will 
 shut up in the end, not me, because we don't need you around here any more. 
 I can talk and eat, and shit. After that, he began waking up in the 
 morning with a transparent jelly like a tadpole's tail over his mouth. He 
 would tear it off his mouth, and pieces would stick to his hands, like 
 burning gasoline, and jelly would grow there, so finally his mouth 
 sealed over. And the whole head would have amputated spontaneously, except 
 for the eyes, you dig. That's the one thing the asshole couldn't do was 
 see. It needed the eyes. Nerve connections were blocked, and infiltrated, 
 and atrophied, so the brain couldn't give orders any more. It was trapped 
 inside the skull, sealed off. For a while, you could see the silent, 
 helpless suffering of the brain behind the eyes, and then finally, the 
 brain must have died because the eyes went out, and thee was no more 
 feeling in them than a crab's eye at the end of a stalk.

   94Nov21 2:39 pm from The Necromancer
That* wasn't accidental, bud. 

   94Nov27 11:37 am from Poppy
No, sweeties, no! See, they thaw and then they break and then you can't get em 
out, and there you are with half a stick of processed Meat Food up you. Have a 
cucumber, fer crissakes. 

   94Nov27 4:46 pm from Wired
That happened to someone I know.  Please listen to Poppy. 

   94Nov28 7:56 am from Death Reaper
 You leave my ex-girlfriend out of it!   

   94Nov28 11:21 am from Poppy
  ah!! listen to the little boy try to make a funny. so cute and futile and 
sweet, this little little boy. 

   94Nov28 1:37 pm from The Toad
I don't want to know. 

   94Nov28 6:31 pm from Marius
 Thats OK, you never will. 

   94Dec02 4:00 pm from DAVE
Bite me

   94Dec02 11:23 pm from Poppy
  Um, yeah. 

   94Dec04 1:07 am from ;
you know, right now i wouldn't mind if the entire world died. 

   94Dec05 12:17 am from Grass Weaver
The entire world is dying ... socially. 

   94Dec05 9:45 pm from Poppy
 What made it more socially alive before? Please explain. 

   94Dec06 12:15 am from Wired
Grass Weaver's non-existance. 

   94Dec06 10:12 am from Danarchy
  New addition:  People who buy the new Pearl Jam... even *worse, are the 
people that look for it for 10 minutes before asking me, "Where did you put 
the new Pearl Jam?"  Fuckers.  They're almost as bad as the people who can't 
find Deadeye Dick. 

   94Dec06 10:44 am from Poppy
  what about the ones who can't find the new Bon Jovi? 

   94Dec06 11:19 am from Shalda
 I thought they all died. 

   94Dec06 1:32 pm from Death Reaper
I bothered the people at TitleWave for weeks trying to get a copy of the Post 
mortem Grinner tape, only to eventually call the guitarist and have him tell 
me the reason they haven't released them to that store yet is because TW wants 
them to put stupid bar codes on all the tapes, which would cost 'em about $200 
to do.  Why the fucks at TW couldn't tell me that is beyond me, but I hope to 
never have to set foot in there again... 

   94Dec06 4:44 pm from Danarchy
   Bon Jovi at least, there's some excuse.  I mean, they might* look under J 
for Jovi, perhaps not knowing that the full last name is "Bon Jovi."... When 
it comes to Deadeye Dick, both words begin with a D, and with Pearl Jam, it's 
fairly obvious that it isn't a person's name... so... 
    Anyway, why would people even *waste time looking for Bon Jovi is beyond 

   94Dec06 5:21 pm from Deb
Do you have the Cure? 

   94Dec06 11:05 pm from ;
cure for what?  DR, running things up on a register without a barcode is a 

   94Dec07 12:22 am from Danarchy
   yes, we have the cure.  die. 

   94Dec07 9:54 pm from The Necromancer
My brother wants me to get him Bon Jovi for Christmas.  Even if he is* a 
popular middle-school twit, I'm trying to save his brain and get him something 

   94Dec08 12:27 am from ;
good for you.  make it marylin manson. 

   94Dec08 11:26 am from Mocha
No, No, get him the new Mariah Carey christmas album! 

   94Dec08 12:20 pm from Vagabond Girl
Marilyn Manson might warp him just enough to make him never wanna listen to 
Bon Jovi again. 

   94Dec08 12:52 pm from Death Reaper
 Necro... definitely Primus. 

   94Dec08 2:24 pm from Poppy
  Yeah, learn 'im the imprtance of real bass. 

   94Dec08 7:17 pm from The Necromancer
Well, I ended up getting him a Nirvana CD.  Oh well. 

   94Dec08 8:41 pm from Poppy

   94Dec08 10:17 pm from The Joisey Boy
That sucked, Poppy.  You suck. 

   94Dec08 10:29 pm from The Necromancer
Well, maybe it's just my brother that sucks.  He is* a No Fear T-shirt wearing 
8th- grade little bastard anyway. 

   94Dec08 10:35 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 nasty. I bet he has stussy and mossimo shirts too! 

   94Dec08 10:35 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 that's what all my school it. bastards w/ no fear, stussy, etc... 

   94Dec09 3:36 am from Poppy
  TJB is a lip-smackin boogerman, *ha! 

   94Dec09 8:03 am from Grass Weaver
Hrm... yeah.   Friends mother was asking me about Pearl jam.  "Do you know of 
a band that is P(something) Clam?  the last part is clam, and the first part 
begins with a "p" and is short, like park.  "  (park clam?)  me:" Um...  Pearl 
Jam?"" her "Uh... Pearl Jam?  what sort of name is that for a band.  Must be 
more of this new age crap"  me under my breath as I'm leaving"If you weren't 
interested, why did you ask me?  bitch"  I give up.  Some people's mothers. 

   94Dec09 10:37 am from The Necromancer
It's just like you read his mind, AtA.  He wants* a Stussy shirt. 

   94Dec09 10:54 am from ;
no fear shirts are sort of cool.  the graphics appeal to me.  i haven't seen 
any for a while now though.  maybe they suck now? 

   94Dec09 11:57 am from Death Reaper
Must be more of this new age crap. 

   94Dec09 10:56 pm from The Joisey Boy
"My guilt runs deeper than the ocean...hehe" 

   94Dec10 9:46 am from Deb
Danarchy, where* is the Cure? 

   94Dec10 11:58 am from Death Reaper
 Right next to the disease. 
 What the heck?  A la mode. 

   94Dec10 3:17 pm from The Necromancer
No Fear shirts suck, especially when half the school wears them every fucking 

   94Dec10 5:26 pm from Gazebo Man
Kinda like Zubaz: Dare to wear the same thing everyone else is wearing 

   94Dec10 5:39 pm from Exarch
What the heck! 

   94Dec10 9:59 pm from Grass Weaver
Yeah, fucking everybody out here (Cept a select few of us) wear those damned 
NO FEAR shirts.  Making some new ones in art, with silk screening.  "I'm 
FUCKING SCARED!".  Saw a hearse (sp?) with a no fear like sticker on the back, 
said "Fear Me"  Found it rather funny at the time. 

   94Dec10 9:59 pm from Grass Weaver
and Ironic. 

   94Dec10 11:09 pm from The Joisey Boy
Ya know, I think I have a list of people that I really* respect 
too...Danarchy(for being plain cool), Mocha, Deb, Dave Dude(past three for 
being generally nice and ruling), and(oddly enough), Guile, because he didn't 
back down when we were in a spit. 

   94Dec11 8:08 pm from Grass Weaver
I must say, (what, is this a trend now?), I do respect Danarchy for putting up 
with all of the various people that call his board.  Maybe one or two ther's 
here... but that's it.  :I 

   94Dec11 9:34 pm from GargleButt!!
 Necro, if you got something against 8th grade bastards, say it now.   I 
don''t wear a No Fear shirt, but I did* wear a yellow "Ethernet: By the 
numbers" shirt today. 

   94Dec12 9:34 am from Shalda
Ha, I'm wearing an OS/2 t-shirt.  nyah. 

   94Dec12 5:19 pm from The Necromancer
You're not an 8th grade bastard, GB, you're a 13-year-old geek.  There's a big 

   94Dec12 9:54 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 I'm not an 8th grade bastard. I'm in 8th grade, and we all acn schedual to  
 kill my father, then I can be a bastard, for really-super-de-duper-real! 

   94Dec12 11:50 pm from Death Reaper
 And then send you to Canada. 

   94Dec13 7:03 am from ;
ok, we'll add on everyone who wears a No-Fear shirt, and also everyone who 
pisses and moans about clinton.   

   94Dec13 9:20 am from Shalda
 Umm, how 'bout we just kill him and be done with it? 

   94Dec13 10:05 pm from Wednesday
 that's not nearly* as fun. there's plenty of room in Canada. 

   94Dec13 10:56 pm from Death Reaper
 can anyone here get me a "No Fear" car sticker? 

   94Dec13 11:28 pm from Poppy
  Why, are you wanting to visit Canada? 8> 

   94Dec14 5:04 am from Death Reaper
No.  I'm going to cut off the "No" and just put a "Fear" sticker on my 
blazER... :P 

   94Dec14 12:02 pm from Lumpenprole
Umm..I have a sticker of Yosemite Sam dressed as a state trooper. Would that 

   94Dec14 3:16 pm from Gazebo Man
I used to have a t-shirt that said "FUCK COMMUNISM!" and at school they made 
me put tape over the fuck, so then it said "     COMMUNISM!" 

   94Dec14 5:16 pm from Poppy
  I *still want one of those Die Yuppie Scum shirts...ooops, sorry for the 
memory, DR.. :P 

   94Dec14 7:02 pm from Vagabond Girl
 How many fucking times can the "Edge" play that weid stupid Pearl Jam song? 

   94Dec15 12:08 am from Grass Weaver
Don't ask.   

   94Dec15 12:26 am from Poppy
  About as many times as they can play every other song I hate. 

   94Dec15 8:08 am from ;
i'd like to add anybody wearing a power crystal to the list. 

   94Dec15 11:39 am from Death Reaper
 There was a guy with a No Fear shirt at Gwar yesterday.  Unfortunately, the 
pit was about dead when I actually noticed him and my meager flailings 
couldn't do him much discomfort. 
 :P yourself, Poppy, I find it to be somewhat hypocritical now*... 

   94Dec15 5:31 pm from Toxic Nerd
do you slam? i havnt slamed in a long time. 

   94Dec15 9:12 pm from Exarch
The best part was afterwards. I saw a girl satnding near the bar wearing nice 
new clothes (stained various colors after GWAR, of course) crying. She kept 
repeating 'My clothes are ruined...' 

   94Dec16 12:29 am from The Phat One
GWAR should not be considered as human beings.  They are mutants from another 

   94Dec16 2:43 am from Felara
 What a profound statement.  I hope you're quite pleased with yourself.  

   94Dec16 11:18 am from Poppy

   94Dec16 1:51 pm from Death Reaper
That rules* Exy, that rules!  didja disembowel her? 

   94Dec16 5:11 pm from Poppy
  aaah, sometimes we must show mercy.... 

   94Dec17 7:27 am from Exarch
No, we musn't. Damn right I did. 

   94Dec17 9:03 pm from Grass Weaver
Tis what she get's for wearing nice cloths (damnit, can't spell anymore) to a 
kblood bath. 

   94Dec17 11:12 pm from Poppy
  What do Gwar use to make a bloodbath with? Or is it all brought by the fans? 

   94Dec17 11:40 pm from Death Reaper
 Nonono... GWAR dismembers people on stage and, wow, look at the blood spurt! 

   94Dec18 12:58 am from Marius
 T'was really cool, sorry you missed it poppy, we know how blood thirsty you 
can be 

   94Dec18 3:13 am from Vagabond Girl
You've made my shitlist: 
 Fucking white power people from Internet that send me death threats. 
   Fucking ex bandmembers with their heads so far up their asses that 
  they'll do anything their girlfriend says: including give up their 
 Fucking hospitals that scare me with talk about dying and then won't  
  see me cuz I have no fucking insurance. 
 Fuck 'em all. 

   94Dec18 4:09 am from Poppy
  I second those fucks. Can I help ya hurt 'em? 

   94Dec18 4:10 am from Poppy
  Like you'd go to Gwar, Marius.   )8-} 

   94Dec18 6:04 am from Exarch
I'd heard somewhere that they used 4 (one per color- blood, bile, urine, and 
semen) 10-gallon tanks per show. The only one they usually use up is the 
blood, but I guess it can't hurt to have extra bile, urine, and semen around. 

   94Dec18 6:05 am from Exarch
Of course, the tanks are probably only half full, and pumped with air to 
pressurize it... 

   94Dec18 8:53 am from ;
what's your net address vag?  that sounds like a pretty easy way to make your 

   94Dec18 12:44 pm from Vagabond Girl

   94Dec18 11:49 pm from Grass Weaver
 Yeah, I've heard about that White power shit.  Heh, we got a 
pseudo-internet-organization too.  We're the anti-anything power group.  

   94Dec19 4:21 pm from Hookla
Vag Girl, get a job ya slob. 

   94Dec19 7:18 pm from Vagabond Girl
I have a job, dink. 

   94Dec20 2:01 am from Quinthy
Allright, Allright settle down.. 

   94Dec21 1:01 am from Wired
No, settle up. 

   94Dec21 2:30 am from Poppy
  Let's settle this outside, dammit. 

   94Dec21 10:40 am from Vagabond Girl

   94Dec21 11:38 am from Poppy
  Ow...I was kidding, geez. 

   94Dec24 from Alixend`r
 No you wern't *kpow!* 

   94Dec24 9:58 pm from Poppy
  Ah! Well.  ...Sit 'n' spin!  *bash* 

   94Dec26 10:19 pm from Xaroth

   94Dec27 11:28 am from Nelly

   95Jan04 8:44 pm from Wired
VEr-ry interestink! 

   95Jan05 12:14 pm from Guile
     Whoa, Nelly! 

   95Jan05 4:00 pm from Twist
I think anybody who comes out with a Christmas album should be shot, I hate 
those things, everytime I walk into a store, or my work, I hear Mariah Carey, 
or Neil Diamond... UGH! I hate those things... burn, rampage. grunt! 

   95Jan05 4:17 pm from The Phat One
I think it's a bit late to be bitchin' about Christmas albums. 

   95Jan05 4:42 pm from Poppy
  Let it go til next time, kids. 

   95Jan07 10:04 am from Exarch
I'd like to hear a GWAR Xmess album. 
 Vile form of Santa has rotted your mind 
 feasting like reindeer, reindeer in flesh 
 he left your ruined chimney behind 
 now he knows glee as they nibble on your spine 
 Presents! Presents! Presents are falling, falling like rain! 

   95Jan07 7:53 pm from Watney's Red Barrel
Cool! Are they horribly expensive* gorgeous presents? 

   95Jan07 11:40 pm from hypochrismutreefuzz
 LaCroix dahling? Or did you just put it in the box? 

   95Jan08 1:44 am from Watney's Red Barrel
Go make mummy a chapakeeno. 

   95Jan08 10:34 am from hypochrismutreefuzz
 I liked the way she extinguished the candles on her birthday cake. 

   95Jan09 5:34 pm from Kamikaze22
     Exarch: were you at the Gwar concert at First ave.? if so did you get 
squirted with blood and cum and everyh      squirted with blood and come and 
everything else the spew at Gwar concerts? (I loved my last on   loved the 
last one) 

   95Jan09 7:51 pm from Death Reaper
Ed Dammit, learn to talk in English you twit!  Yes, of COURSE Exarch was at 
the last show.  Of COURSE he got "squirted with blood and cum and everyh".  Of 
course he killed people. 
 BTW, don't use the arrow keys to correct mistakes, use the backspace key. 

   95Jan09 11:29 pm from Poppy
  Is it just me, or is DR showing his helpful sensitive side? 

   95Jan10 1:17 am from Vagabond Girl
Aw, ain't it sweet? 

   95Jan10 2:59 am from Watney's Red Barrel
See him walkin' down the street? 

   95Jan10 7:39 am from Jim Bexley Speed
Yessir, I was there, and yes, I got messy (of course, my shirt doesn't look 
too different, as it was the fourth show it had been to) and yes, I killed 

   95Mar03 from John Johanson
Sometimes I wish that I could kill my mom and pa. 

   95Mar03 1:17 am from Aowyn
father, yes son-i want to kill you, mother...(i wont finish this sentence, 
cool song but weird lyrics) 

   95Mar03 2:56 am from Kafka
  Kill me!  Kill me or I'll blow your fucking head off!  KILL ME! 
  I feel much better now. 

   95Mar03 7:09 am from Mocha
 How sexy am I now?!   FUCKER! HUH? HOW SEXY NOW??!! 

   95Mar03 10:43 am from The Joisey Boy
Watch it, Mocha's gonna cum all over you(bad pun). 

   95Mar03 1:41 pm from Mocha
 I don't get it. How is that a pun? 

   95Mar03 3:19 pm from Disko Troop
  Youu don't want to know what goes on inside Hipilito's head. 

   95Mar03 8:17 pm from The Joisey Boy
You know? 
 "shoot shoot shoot(what you posted) i'm gonna cum all over you..." 

   95Mar03 10:12 pm from rage
No please don't do that I hate the smell of seimen 

   95Mar04 12:03 am from Gazebo Man
Damn sailors... 

   95Mar04 4:41 am from Mocha
 Ahh...I see now. It wasn't a pun, or a joke. IT was a musical reference to 
Nine Inch Nails. Okay. Gotcha.  

   95Mar04 10:49 am from Deb
That's a cool song though. 

   95Mar04 12:01 pm from The Joisey Boy
Yes, yes it is. :)  Just don't take that one to heart. 

   95Mar04 8:16 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 heh. 13 fucks in 1:03mins... 

   95Mar07 2:31 am from Death Reaper
Boy I'm glad Mocha's gone for a while.  I don't wanna deal with NIN 

   95Mar07 2:31 am from Death Reaper
 Pigs in Zen! 

   95Mar07 3:31 pm from monkey boy
Everthing zen! 

   95Mar07 3:40 pm from The Joisey Boy
I don't* think so. 

   95Mar07 11:01 pm from Vagabond Girl
 Pop Will (indeed) Eat Itself 

   95Mar08 1:31 pm from The Joisey Boy
Two for my hit list: rage, the Phat One. 

   95Mar08 9:51 pm from rage
Come and Get me asshole I work at the Thom Thumb in Minnatonka. Buy 
Cheapskate.  You better bring an army with. 

   95Mar08 11:59 pm from The Joisey Boy
You work at THOM?  I don't imagine MM would let you. 

   95Mar08 12:00 am from The Joisey Boy
Oh, and by the way, if you meant "Tom Thumb in Minnetonka", I can only say 
this.  "Oh, THAT Tom Thumb.  Oh, and I don't sk8. :P" 

   95Mar09 12:09 am from rage

   95Mar09 7:10 am from Jim Bexley Speed
Minnetonka? Well, that explains a lot, rich boy. 

   95Mar09 9:43 am from Vagabond Girl
Oh christ. I think I'm beginning to realize who you might be. 
Once upon a time, I stayed in Minnetonka with my fiancee, who was still living 
with his parents. Being the only black girl within a ten mile radius, it 
tended to suck badly. Would get followed everywhere in stores, people would 
actually be scared* of me when I worked at Perkins. It bit, and I felt pretty 
glad upon moving back to the cities. (It's not a place you live when you're 
not rich enough to have a *car*.) 
Anyway, there was this certain fountain outside of a bank where a bunch of 
high school kids would congregate. A few of them would "sk8" too. One of them 
was in particular a big homophobic asshole who balked when I confronted him 
about using the word "faggot" derogatorily.  
"I'm a 'fucking fag'," I said. "And so's my mom. And so's a lot of my friends. 
And so's a lot of your* friends, but they're probably too scared to let 
someone as bigoted as *you* know. Shows how much of a real* friend you are, 
He got up, looked shaken, and sk8ed away.  
If it wasn't either you or one of your cronies, rage, I'd be surprised. 
If I'm assuming again, I truly do apologize. 
But Minnetonka wasn't very nice to me. And neither were rich white kids on 

   95Mar09 11:40 am from rage
I'm not a rich white boy. I'm AM not rich at all. I had to work my ass for a 
half off a year to pay this fucking 'puter off. 

   95Mar09 2:33 pm from The Necromancer
AtA: But that doesn't beat Alien Jourgenson (of Ministry)'s record of 37 in 
roughly 30 seconds. 
And monkey boy, quit listening to my brother's music.  It'll fry your brain. 
And VG: Way to go.  I mean it. 

   95Mar09 3:04 pm from The Joisey Boy
Yay VG!  That ruled!  For a run, we should get a bunch of people together, and 
go out and get in homophobes' faces.   

   95Mar09 11:59 pm from Grass Weaver
Rich white boy?  ROFL.  This kid (rage) has been dropped by his family, 
screwed over by society, and now is working his ass off to get a little 
decency in his life.  Rich White boy?  You sound like the preppy wiggers that 
seem to appear everywhere like a virus. 

   95Mar10 12:23 am from ;
hmmm... damn.  and to think, you used to be pretty funny back in your raistlin 
majere days.  sigh.  i think i'm getting nostalgic. 

   95Mar10 12:41 am from rage
Well he's right. 

   95Mar10 12:52 am from The Joisey Boy
Wigger.  I'd forgotten about that word. 

   95Mar10 7:37 am from Jim Bexley Speed
Yes well, coming from someone who pioneered mother killing, I wouldn't listen 
to much of what you have to say, GReaver. 

   95Mar10 7:21 pm from Vagabond Girl
Wigger my ass. I'm not even white. Wanna try to change a letter, GW? 

   95Mar10 8:05 pm from Thaaddios
I dislike that word. :p 
    So, where is this place you work Rage? (t'would be funny if I worked with 

   95Mar10 9:54 pm from ;
thaad's a wigger.  thaad's a wigger. 

   95Mar10 11:54 pm from Grass Weaver
Hey VG, try reading the fucking post again.  "You sound like the preppy 
wigger...."  SOUND LIKE.  aw shit. 

   95Mar11 10:00 am from Thaaddios
No, I am not even close...Annoying people call me a darksider. 

   95Mar11 5:05 pm from Vagabond Girl
Thing is, saying I "sound like a wigger" is just as racist as what you're 
accusing me of being. 
First of all, what do "wiggers" sound like? And since you're willing to throw 
*that* word around, why not "nigger" too? It's just as obnoxious. 

   95Mar11 8:44 pm from rage
You shouldn't have said that Grass. 

   95Mar11 10:40 pm from The Joisey Boy
You shouldn't have called, rage.  You're not in much of a position to tell 
people what they can and can't do. 

   95Mar12 1:16 am from rage
Well fuck you zipper. 

   95Mar12 1:41 am from ;
dammit, this whole conversation sucks.  hey, i think this is my* room!  i 
should kill the lot of you!  

   95Mar12 1:44 am from ;
that fucking ruled!  it's like when you think you are completely out of pop, 
and way in the back you find one last diet cherry coke. 

   95Mar12 3:06 am from Death Reaper
 diet cherry coke isn't pop.  it isn't even soda.  it sucks.  cherry coke i 
fine, but once you append the word "diet" to any of that, it ceases to be 
something you want to put in your stomach (or head). 
 Dammit, we should have a DC/Ed'sRoom run where we go to the Minnetonka Tom 
Thumb and kick rage's ass.  I have license to do that now, I'm a bass player 
for a hardcore band (apparently), so i can fuk [sic] shit up. 

   95Mar12 10:18 am from Vagabond Girl
 Wowza. The seething in here... 

   95Mar12 5:57 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 Necro: what song is that? 

   95Mar12 10:25 pm from Grass Weaver
Screw the TOm Thumb thing.  I'll just drag him to the next run.  Bwahahaha 

   95Mar13 12:43 am from rage

   95Mar13 1:25 am from ;
nutrasweet is more artificial than sugar.  if you don't like it, you're a 
fucking hippie. 

   95Mar13 6:27 am from Thaaddios
Hey..you pull no punches do you! I hate nutri-sweets after taste. It is 
awfull, and I rather like calling people " Diet Coke Heads " 

   95Mar13 2:03 pm from ;
the taste rules@!  it tastes like cellery and make your mouth taste clean and 
artificial.  i can't stand sugar aftertaste.  it's too sweet and then you get 
a bunch of shit growing in your mouth.  other advantages of diet pop include: 
ants aren't attracted to it.  it doesn't mold.  it doesn't give you a sore 
throat if you snort it into your sinuses (sugar pop has done this to me).  and 
it's much less sticky if you spill it than sugar pop is.  in short, it just 
rules.  i need to get some diet mountain dew.   

   95Mar13 3:14 pm from Wednesday
 apparently i'm some sort of hippie. Can't stand aspartame. It tastes like 
ground up childrens tylenol, or something...bleah... 

   95Mar13 3:58 pm from The Joisey Boy
Well, I think there should be a diet pibb. 

   95Mar13 8:43 pm from Kafka
 Actually, my soft drink of preference is Yoo-Hoo.  So fuck you all. 
  (Which reminds me: in his new book, Mark Leyner invents a mixed drink called 
"soma": equal parts Yoo-Hoo and Vodka, with a crushed Valium on top.  Gonna 
have to try that sometime.  Probably have to substitute an olive for the 
Valium, tho'.) 

   95Mar13 10:02 pm from Vagabond Girl
Yoo-Hoo? Gods, I haven't had that in forever*. 

   95Mar15 4:40 am from Death Reaper
I finally drank an O.K. soda today.  It's actually not at all bad... the one i 
had was rather citrusy... 

   95Mar15 12:14 pm from ;
yeah, it's like coke mixed with grapefruit juice.  don't let anyone tell you 

   95Mar15 1:40 pm from The Necromancer
AtA: That's the infamous live version of "Stigmata", from their live CD ("In 
Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up"). 

   95Mar15 2:30 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 necro: i have that... just never counted the fucks. ;) 

   95Mar16 3:51 am from ;
hmmm... i think i got that song on a compilation disk.  it rules. 

   95Mar16 7:21 am from tbob
Mark Leyner invents a mixed drink called "soma":  How stuff does happen.  SOMA 
was invented in 1937 by Aldous Huxley. It was the forerunner to tranquilizers 
which were unheard of at time.  A sort of Jules Verne presageing.  Since 
"soma" relates to a Latinism for sleep the word should come up at least twice 
a century.  Huxley's book was called "Brave New World" which is a phrase he 
took from the TEMPEST by WS: when Miranda sees some down-and-out sailors, the 
first outside humans she has ever seen and they are rotten, but humans, any 
humans are so great; beautiful ( CF WS) even these ruffians prompt her to say: 
Oh, bravenew world t that has such people in it.   Sorry that got so long. 

   95Mar16 12:23 pm from ;
that was really interesting, but what the hell did it have to do with anything?

   95Mar16 4:29 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 hmm... i listening to it now... lets count. ;) 
 yeah... yeah... hurry up. 
 i got 40. yeth! 

   95Mar16 7:31 pm from The Necromancer
40?  I only counted 37. 

   95Mar16 10:31 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 oh well... i prolly screwed up. :p 

   95Mar17 10:09 am from Kafka
 actually, "soma" is first mentioned in the Atharva-Veda, which is likely 
where Aldous Huxley got the name ("sweet verily is this soma, and strong, that 
none who taste of it may overpower the gods" -- something like that (The 
Church of the SubGenius uses this as evidence that aliens use drugs to lull us 
into submission)).  Mark Leyner states directly in the narrative that he took 
the idea directly from Huxley -- I imagine he was trying to come up with a 
recipe that would approximate the drug in "Brave New World." 
  In short... duh. 

   95Mar17 3:56 pm from succubus
my husband was on soma for a while after his car accident. according to him, 
it's a wonder drug. 

   95Mar21 9:18 pm from Headmaster 2000
 Hmm...I thought it was just a song... 

   95Apr08 12:26 am from Grass Weaver
Rage (brain spazm, whatever) just hit #1 on my hit list.  the little fuck. 

   95Apr08 10:50 am from rage
Want to die? 

   95Apr08 9:18 pm from Aaron the Anarchist

   95Apr08 9:48 pm from rage
Not you. 

   95Apr09 6:05 am from Mocha

   95Apr09 9:57 am from Headmaster 2000
 D'oh!  He means me..! 

   95Apr14 from Steph..
This fuckin sucks.  WHy the hell don't you people write anything? 

   95Apr15 10:30 am from Mocha
 They're all at Minicon. 

   95Apr15 from Steph..
Why aren;t you there dummy? 

   95Apr15 from Lynne

   95Apr15 5:42 pm from Cal
Dummy dummy dummy, I got dumb in my tummy... 

   95Apr15 6:07 pm from The Joisey Boy
The Death Cookie: Free dummy in hit list]. 

   95Apr16 9:57 pm from Aaron the Anarchist
 more than one. 

   95Apr17 5:27 am from Mocha
 Because I have no money, dummy.   

   95May02 1:07 pm from rage
Vell, vell, vell.

   95May02 11:11 pm from Cal
 Hello.  Eferyone ys mah' rodent fryend.  Fyll ya' gyfe me cheese?  Y am here 
nof.  Vhat yt ys, Mama!  Y am DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Rodent.  Ryght On!    Do ya' 
lyke mah' fhyskers?  Goodbye.  Vhat yt ys, Mama!

   95May03 1:43 pm from skooj

   95May04 12:18 am from Cal
I've noticed. 

   95May06 1:26 pm from tbob
haff yew tryed the new Lace form of Swiss? verry good. more holes to the 
powned.  yew can hlaf mine, i doan eat cheese nau. 

   95May07 12:00 am from Cal
 Hello.  I like cheese.  Will you give me cheese?  I am 
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Rodent!  I am just a cute defenseless rodent.  Please 
do not twit me.  I am not a ruggie.  I am here now.  Goodbye.

   95May07 1:26 pm from tbob
watch out for cats.   Lots of people prefer cats to rodents. Farmer cheese or