94Sep05 12:41 am from Neykomi Lee
After 3 yrs of busting my ASS at Stoopid America, I was laid off by the new 
MGR. for "Lack of Job Performance".  Not that it mattered, I went and got 
hired at the 3800 W. Lake Street Store the same afternoon! (Just past Calhoun 
Village).  I am sueing the MGR, of that SA for DEFAMATION of CHARACTER, and 
WRONGFUL TERMINATION.  He made my life hel;l for four months, REVENGE!  
HAHAHA!  :)  Evil, ain't I?  He started it, he is -$500 cash for the month, 
not to mention -593 lottery tickets, and 150 CARTONS of ciggs!  This MGR is a 
moron to the core!  If you are in the area of 3800 W. Lake St. stop in Wed. 
Aft.  I'll be doing what I do best...WORKING.