Cold Dog Soup
For the longest time my friend, Keri, kept telling me that I absolutely needed to see this movie. She said it was hilarious. It took me a while, but finally I saw it. I had to agree.
It's about a guy who meets an extremely attractive girl at a health club who invites him to dinner at her place that evening. When he shows up he meets her wacky mother and wackier pet dog, Jasper. Unfortunately Jasper chokes to death on an olive. The girl makes some weird innuendoes seeming to indicate she'll sleep with him (For instance that she will show him the pressure cooker) and he promises to go bury Jasper. When he gets into the cab, the cabbie (Randy Quaid) convinces him that it would be better to sell ol' Jasper... and hilarity ensues.
I was going to include some links for this movie, but there don't seem to be many that are more than just plot summaries.

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