I was with a group of criminals - we were going to pull off a job. We had a foolproof plan except that one of the members had been picked up by the cops. They had him wearing a weird bug which was about the same shape as a maglight which fit in the collar of his shirt. It both transmitted audio and let the cops track his position. We got rid of the bug and were going to go through with the job, but suddenly the cops broke in on us. We somehow ambushed the cops and left. On the way to the job we stopped at a supermarket and the same cops showed up again. This time they got the drop on us and killed everybody but me. I managed to get the male cop even though I was scrambling to load my gun (a revolver) the whole time. The female cop and I were playing cat and mouse (with her as the cat) when I woke up. I was somehow anticipating each of her shots and dodging them.