I was a vampire and a group of my friends wanted to be vampires too. I was in an abandoned house feeding and when I'd eaten my fill, my friends (2, I think) descended upon the corpse even though they were human. I remember that the dream was very bloody - not the typical "romantic" vampire fantasy with two clean bite marks on the victim's neck. This was very messy with flesh rent asunder and limbs scattered madly about the floor and a vampire feeding frenzy as I first gorged and then my two companions indulged. Even so, how damned cliche - a vampire dream. Sometimes I'm even lame while sleeping.

I met up with an old high school friend and we discussed how Ryan Jordan had found a new way to get high - breaking records and wrapping the bits in foil and smoking them. Also Erin Warhol showed up. We were in a drive-through for something and she first told us that she'd almost married her boyfriend, but he'd called her and acted like a jerk. She was fascinated by smoking records and wanted to try it.