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Are you tired of all those long-winded stuffed shirts reviewing movies?
Of course you are! It shouldn't take you as long to read the movie's review as it does for you to watch the movie! Here at endeneu.com, we feel that three words is the perfect length for any movie review.

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Kung-fu Cult Master - Supernatural kung-fu powers (danarchy)
Tai Chi Master - Kung-fu beyond compare (danarchy)
Tai Chi II - Beware the ponytail (danarchy)
Dead Alive - Lawnmower + Zombies = mess (danarchy)
Meet the Feebles - Funny raunchy puppets (danarchy)
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - Mind-blowingly stupid! Yuck! (danarchy)
Man in the Moon - Carrey's most tolerable (danarchy)
Once Upon a Time in China - Master Wong rules. (danarchy)
Help!! - Decent hospital farce (danarchy)
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