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Welcome to the Death Cookie version 2.0 alpha!
WARNING: This is alpha software. Don't be too surprised if it breaks for a few minutes at a time as I add new features
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What is the Death Cookie?
Death Cookie is a message-oriented BBS system based on the Citadel BBS package. It shares quite a bit in common with the original Citadel in that it should work on a variety of systems and the source code is freely available (currently by request only until it is really ready to go).
The design of this web-based Death Cookie borrows heavily from Ed's Room

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                                  Dream 4:

 1.  I hitchhiked a desert highway with nothing in sight for hours on end.
 2.  Out of the west came a cloud of dust and the sound of thunder.
 3.  And without reason I trembled with dread.
 4.  I felt the force of Slack upon my mind.
 5.  And I felt a wonder of what came forth from the road.
 6.  And I stuck out my thumb.
 7.  And past me almost faster than sight went a car without wheel
     or wheel within wheel, but supported on the very air itself.
 8.  And I turned in wonder to see the driver of this wondrous thing.
 9.  I saw only the back of the head with the Pipe.

   [from Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger's "The All Too-Real Dreams"]
     [from Three-Fisted Tales of "BOB"]

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