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Name Analysis: Daniel Alm Dockery

Expression = 8

The Expression number shows us who we truly are, what we came into this life already knowing. This is where we feel most comfortable and how we automatically act. We attract people and situations to us that require our Expression so that they can further evolve. In this way we play the role of teacher. Naturally we are attracted to occupations that we resonate to, so the Expression number can be a strong factor in our choice of a career as well. Our Expression is the vehicle, with all its virtues and vices, that drives us along the path of our Destiny. It is the essence of our identity.

Business, power and money are in your blood. You are the steadfast executive who attains their goals through hard work, amazing courage and untiring determination. People elect you to lead them because of your aura of control and confidence. You like things BIG, and secretly, you like them lavish. Physical strength and stamina make you a likely sports enthusiast as well. Your expression will most likely find you financially supporting others in some way.

Soul Urge = 7

The Soul Urge number has also been called Heart's Desire and Spiritual Urge. It is our secret, innermost longing. Our dream, our motivation, the fuel that energizes our journey. The Soul Urge number reveals what we secretly strive to be or accomplish. Some have said that this number tells us what we have been in previous lifetimes, the accumulated growth of our soul.

You are a philosopher by nature. Inside, you are calm shy and reserved, preferring to live alone in your own perfect world of thoughts and intuitive analysis of life's deeper mysteries. You experience irritation and upset in noisy or chaotic environments, as your hearing is more sensitive than most peoples. You have a good ear for music and are probably drawn to complex and meditative melodies.

Persona = 1

The Persona number describes the way we appear to the outside world, the first impression people have of us. We may not even be aware of how we are perceived by others because we are so often focused on our inner world, and many times the inner does not match the outer. Persona gives us a peek at some hidden talents we have. The talents that we use to get along in the world and in some instances, protect us from it. It is likened to a bag of tools (jewels) that we carry with us along the way.

Others see you as a unique individual who always does their "own thing". Independent, capable and pioneering, you seem to take control of the situation and make it run effectively. You are very concerned with your image and always seem to dress in a way that gets noticed.

Natal Analysis: May 9, 1976

Personal Year = 3

Self-expression and optimism fill your moments now. The waiting period is over and it's time to jump up and get on with things. Luck is on your side, and you seem to shine with sunny warmth and enthusiasm which draws well-wishers, (and potential benefactors), to you from near and far. Creative pursuits, travel, and communication of every kind is emphasized now. This time can bring an actual "birth", or a figurative one in the form of a new business or career, a work of art or even a new self-image. The important thing is that you use this time of opportunity to the best of your advantage and find new ways to express who you are.

Personal Month = 6

This is the month for harmony. Give loving advise when it's asked for. Re-decorate the family room. Go house shopping. Volunteer to help the needy. Feed a stray animal.

Personal Day = 5

You're sexy today in a freedom loving kind of way. Do something totally unexpected! Get out-of-doors. Wear ocean blue or cloud white. Change your hair color or your laugh.

Destiny = 1

The Destiny number describes the life lessons that we have come here to learn. It reveals to us the path we must take, and the role we must play to fulfill our mission. Often our choice of career is based on this vibration, and if not, then it will manifest through avocational pursuits. We may attract people and experiences into our lives that mirror the traits of this number for us, so that we may develop into our highest potential. We don't always welcome our life lessons, so it is a possibility that we may even feel an aversion to the characteristics of our Destiny number in other people, and we may ourselves act the opposite. In spite of the many ways we may choose to react to this force within us, we have been gifted with all of the talents and energy needed to fulfill our Destiny.

You are a pioneer. Independent, original and strong willed you have all of the tools of leadership and self-mastery. You must learn to use your courage, creativity and unique individuality to steadfastly make your dreams come true. Inventor, originator, initiator your key word is discover.


The destiny is divided into 3 great cycles, each governing us for specific durations throughout our life. The Seed cycle begins at birth and colors our experiences through childhood and adolescence. During the year nearest our 28th birthday, we move into the Fruit cycle which remains throughout the middle part of our life until the year nearest our 56th birthday, and the Harvest cycle carries on from there. Taken all together, the cycles show us our particular path that will lead to the fulfillment of our destiny.

Seed = 5

When 5 is the seed cycle, the imagination is limitless and the physical/sexual nature should not be reprimanded, but rather nurtured (through allowing) in it's natural, healthy direction. Since this is a time to learn about change and freedom, there may be many changes of residence, divorce of the parents, illness or even abuse. All things are for the purpose of growth. Curiosity and wonder fill the space between adventure and adventure.

Fruit = 9

Compassion, tolerance, and selflessness predominate during this cycle. Goals may be realized and loose ends can be tied up. This is the cycle of transition, and is often a testing period which brings great rewards in place of the things swept out of your life for being no longer useful. A fine artist, philosopher, or philanthropist may emerge during this time. This can be an emotional time of letting go. The wise old adage; "If you love something, let it go, if it comes back to you, it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was.", are words to live by now.

Harvest = 5

You'd probably be happiest living out the rest of your life on a cruise ship circling the world. As long as there are lots of books on all subjects, entertainment and new people every couple of weeks. Learning new things is important to the 5 harvest. You probably look much younger than your age, and your sense of fun and movement attracts young energy to you.


The four pinnacles reveal the high spots or heights of attainment that we are likely to encounter as we move along the path of our life. The 1st pinnacle lasts from birth to around age 28. The 2nd pinnacle lasts for 9 years after that. the 3rd pinnacle lasts 9 more years, and the 4th pinnacle carries on through the rest of our life. The peak of the pinnacle is reached during the next 1 personal year. Pinnacles are like sudden inheritances from a benevolent aunt, they can transform the prevailing energies completely and suddenly. It is useful to look ahead and prepare for our pinnacles so that we can maximize their gifts to us and shape them into the most positive manifestation.

First Pinnacle = 5

The emphasis is on expansion through the mind, through stimulants, or through sensual exploration. Love affairs during this time will be intense and plenty. One may lead to marriage if it is stimulating enough to deter you from all of the likely temptations coming your way.

Second Pinnacle = 5

The 5 pinnacle will bring opportunities for freedom in any area that there has been stagnation, so changes in job, relationships or residence are common. If there is a resistance to change, it may be manifested through something or someone seeming to force it. Either way the change will occur.

Third Pinnacle = 1

A new phase of life is emerging and it is the time to lay down the foundation. To shape and mold a new vision, the ideal vision of your creation, your life.

Fourth Pinnacle = 1

This is a time for new beginnings, invention and leadership. Life may seem to burst open with activity, and it's a good time to make your dreams come true.


The three challenges show us the major influences demanding our attention during specific sections of our lifetime. The 1st challenge influences the years from birth to age 28. The 2nd challenge takes over from age 28 to 52, and the third affects us our whole life. Challenges shape our attitudes and can affect our health. These vibrations that challenge us, cause either an exaggeration of the associated qualities or a lack of them, both of which are extremes which need to be brought into balance.

First Challenge = 4

4 challenge children are usually given a lot of duties and disciplined into schedules and organization to the point that the creative impulse is quieted to a whisper. As teenagers four's are the one's who have the next ten years of their life planned; what profession, which college etc... They have their beliefs and values down pat and could show you the file they have them written in. Fun and creative expression are the balancing agents for four, which are found in the three and the five.

Second Challenge = 4

The challenge to "lighten up" and have fun, or, if these things come easily, the challenge is to focus, discipline the self and structure the life into boxes and segments of time. 4 is the number of practicality, reason and duty, and when challenged they may either rationalize every freedom they take or become secretly unconventional in a willful way.

Third Challenge = 0

The 0 challenge contains the essence of the previous eight challenges. Any or all of the lessons may be required or it could mean that you were born with an understanding of all nine challenges and you will be required to use your understanding wisely. Life will seem like a pendulum of opposites that you are challenged to bring into balance. 0 challenge holders are deeply romantic, in fact it may seem that they are misplaced souls from an era of chivalry, sacrifice or poetic genius. It is the challenge of 0 to develop discernment when it comes to "helping others", and to evolve a healthy dose of self-Love with which to love others. The number 0 loves with a depth that is seldom understood by those on the other paths. They are life-long searchers for a recipient of their love, their compassion and their selflessness. They must sometimes learn again and again that suffering does not equal love.

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