Almost all of the pictures on this site were taken by me ( I probably won't have a problem with you using them for things, but it would probably be better to ask permission first anyway - just because I'd like to know if someone's using a picture I took.
In general the pictures that weren't taken by me are the pictures in which I appear. While I feel this is obvious, I'm sure there's some drooling idiot out there who wouldn't be able to figure it out.

Dan's photography site

Public urban exploration pics
The Badger Prairie Health Care Center
Taylor's Falls
Waiting in line for Attack of the Clones

Pictures from some nature preserve or other
Random scans from 11/29/02
Climb to Zalem at the 7th Street Entry - August 2002"
Valleyfair - July 17 2002
Various Parks on the trip
Brockport, NY
Niagara Falls
Wisconsin from a moving car
Pictures taken with a super crappy digital camera (mostly while biking at dusk)
The Twin Cities Darkside Picnic - July 2002
Shooting things - July 2002
Underground Photography
Early experiments in night photography
Next experiments
Continuing experiments
Karaoke 12/13/01
Kung-fu grilling 11/16/01
Zombie fun at Carschool's 2001 showing of Night of the Living Dead
The MISFITS trivia challenge 2001
New Year's Eve 2000
One of the St. Paul caves
Halloween 2000 at Aimee and Dylan's place
Zombie fun on the 4th of July, 2000
Carving pumpkins with Christian and Ursula
Costuming fun before Halloween
Costuming fun before Halloween with Christian and Ursula.
Jeremy and Heidi's housewarming
Jeremy's Birthday Party 2001
The famous "Mr. Decadence" photo gallery
Leslie's Birthday Party/The Final Last Exit
Aimee and Dylan's housewarming.
My friend, Kirk's wedding.
The Creative Dreaming Collective
Eve Ghost's birthday party
David's birthday party
Leslie's going-away party
Matt's birthday party
Dark and Hateful Mini-Golfing
Dan, himself
Filming of Nuada
Hard Mondays
Before Hard Mondays 4/10/2000
Jesse's birthday party
Jennifer's birthday party
St. Paul
Places other than St. Paul
Last Exit