I just got home from seeing a preview of the movie "Loser." A friend had a number of free tickets, so I picked up Christian and Ursula who were also in need of a ride and went out to the theater. On the way we stopped at Byerly's for sushi (Most Byerly's and Lund's locations have an inexpensive, but tasty AFC sushi bar in them). My sushi was a little bit old, I think. The fish wasn't as tasty as normal and the wasabi was a bit dry. However it was still enjoyable and as it turned out the best part of the evening.

We got to the movie with ten minutes to spare. It turned out that this preview was being sponsored by one of the most annoying local radio stations. They did some stupid show before the movie and talked about how some guy who was chained to four girls would soon be losing another of the girls. The people behind me kept shouting loudly at the stage. I told them to shut up, but was completely ignored.

Then the movie started.
Off the bat things at least showed some promise. While the movie instantly revealed itself to be a standard fish out of water tale, I didn't go in expecting Citizen Kane. It proceeded to be one painful experience for the main character after another, while the girl he liked (who was indeed a cutie), ditched him during their date, ignored him for her asshole boyfriend, and overall mistreated him despite that they obviously had more fun together. Maybe that was just painful for me to watch because I've been in so many similar situations. The main character just acts like a putz and goes along with it and eventually the girl overhears just the right conversation between him and his dad and sees the light and goes out with him instead (the main character, that is).

I get so sick of this type of movie. That's not how life fucking works. I know it's just a movie and it's supposed to present an idealized view of how the world is supposed to work. I understand that. But the thing I can never get over is the number of beautiful girls who will go see this with their asshole, moron boyfriends. They will applaud the decision the girl in the movie makes and stay with their asshole, moron boyfriends.
I wish I could count the number of female friends I've had who, while otherwise bitingly intelligent, would stay with the worst possible choices of guy to date. They would talk about what an asshole he was, and when I'd push them for why they would dump him, the response was inevitably "Well, he's nice sometimes..." Eventually they would take my advice and dump the guy, dating another asshole just like him in his place.

Hmm... I'm afraid in the half-hour drive home my ire at the movie has faded a bit. It's too bad. I was really pissy on the way home. So sorry to disappoint you.