Tonight I went to my parents' house for dinner. We had lasagna to celebrate my sister's acceptance to college. She's not too big a fan (generally) of eating at restaurants. In fact, she's as picky an eater as I am (if not pickier), but she loves lasagna and I won't argue.

While at my parents' place I fell asleep for a couple of hours (a habit of mine when I'm there - the couch is just so comfortable!). While asleep I had a fairly weird dream which has been mostly lost to me now (I didn't have my dream journal handy), but from what I can remember I was at some sort of lecture or presentation or something and a girl from the local "goth" scene that I've always found quite attractive, but that I really don't know well (we've barely even spoken) was seated just a couple of chairs away from me. The chairs between us were empty and we wound up having a great conversation where she was strongly hinting that I should ask her out. I was just about to do so when I woke up.
Who needs a girlfriend in real life when I have such an active fantasy world?

I guess this is my first entry of 2001. Quite a bit has happened since the last time I updated this section.

Christmas came and went fairly uneventfully. I gave presents to the people I thought appropriate and received presents in return from most of those people. It worked out nicely. The dinner this year was at my aunt's house. Next year it will be at grandma's house again which is good. As with most people (I figure) I have a lot of fond memories of Christmas at grandma's house from when I was younger. It's just not the same anywhere else.

New Year's Eve turned out very differently than I expected. The only party that I knew was happening was one being thrown by some local goths at a gallery called "Rogue Buddha." I wasn't too anxious to go because they were charging admission, enforcing a capacity limit, and I'm pretty much burnt out on the local goth kids. Leslie, her boyfriend Jay (who was in town from NC), and I were going to go together. In the evening, Leslie managed to get ahold of Schabe and we all went for Sushi at... the name of the place escapes me at the moment - the sushi bar in St. Anthony Main.
Just before sushi I was told about a party happening at a different friend's place that I wouldn't have to pay to attend and which actually had a high chance of attendees that I wanted to see. I asked Leslie and Jay to drop me off there instead. I went in and got drunker than I'd ever been before and (presumably) made a bit of an ass of myself. The pictures of me at the party are fairly frightening. Others tell me that I was highly amusing, though, so who knows?

Shortly after NYE, I bought myself a present - an Apple Powerbook G3/500. I'd been planning on waiting for the G4's, but they dropped the prices on the G3 to the point where price-performance, it wouldn't have even made sense to get a G4. I'm extremely happy with it so far and it's come in handy several times already. The screen is beautiful. In fact, this very entry is being typed up on it over wireless ethernet (thanks to the handy Airport card). One of these days I may even pay it off.

I also _finally_ made it out of the state for a few days. I went out to Virginia to visit a friend from the 'net. We got along terrifically for the first few days, but had a pretty big falling out over her standing me up on Monday and still haven't spoken again. In case I haven't mentioned it yet, being stood up is something which is likely to piss me off beyond belief. I know I've mentioned at least one or two of my other major pet peeves here before, but neither of them compares to being stood up - and being stood up in a strange town is even worse, I discovered. Even with that, though, I had a great trip overall and got to be somewhere warm enough to go outside without a jacket. Thanks again to Dan B. who let me crash on his couch for the 4 nights I was there.

Just a week and a half after returning from VA, I actually got out of MN again, but this time for a day - almost exactly a day, in fact. I had to go out to Sunnyvale for work to find out why some of our servers that we've sent out there were not working. I had hoped to go into San Francisco and check out Japantown while there as well, but due to a miscommunication with a coworker on which day I was going, I had nobody specifically hanging out in Minneapolis waiting for me to call if there were any problems that hadn't been anticipated (which of course there were in the form of terminal server connections not working) so I wound up staying in the building in Sunnyvale until it was too late to drive into the city and make my flight. It also didn't help that my plane out there was about an hour and a half late. I did get to go into Mountain View, though, and shopped at some cool Chinese grocery stores and had some so-so Chinese food. On the way home I had a three hour layover in Las Vegas so I thought I'd take the chance to go check out the Vegas strip since I'd never had the chance to do so before (all other layovers at the Vegas airport were about an hour in duration which just isn't enough time). I didn't actually gamble. I just walked from Caesar's Palace to New York, New York. Others have said it before, but the sheer overwhelming unrepentant gaudiness of the place is amazing. Even though I've it at least a hundred times in movies I was still unprepared for the reality.
Finally, though, I arrived at home almost exactly 23 hours after my plane had taken off initially and even though I'd gotten some sleep on the plane on my way home it was with great relief that I collapsed exhausted into my bed and slept.

I guess those are the only things of interest I have to tell you now (other than that I bought and have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy IX. If you liked the FF games other than 8, it's worth the $40 or whatever it costs - I'm just about done with disc 3 now and am just running around working on mini-quests before going on to disc 4). I think it's my bedtime.
Nighty night.