So today I was logged into one of the many rewrites of Citadel, the BBS software I used to frequent back in the dial-up days (hell, I even went so far as to run one). Unlike Death Cookie and Ed's Room, however, this BBS seems to attempt to be nice to people. This approach has never seemed like a good one to me because it always seemed to me the overall quality of users would suffer. In almost every case I've seen that couldn't have been more true.
The original incarnation of BeBS was a Citadel called "8088." It was a place where the standard antics of the Death Cookie and Ed's Room crowds were not welcomed, but users like Mojo tended to flourish.
It's not that all the users were complete suckwads, however. I did meet one of my ex-girlfriends on 8088 (she seems to hate me now - probably because I'm such a bastard. I understand), and a girl that I never really dated, but who despite that she is currently dating Mojo, is far more intelligent than I initially gave her credit for being, and whom I consider one of my better friends now... and if she ever breaks up with Mojo...
Anyway, needless to say (but I will anyway) that when I got the BeBS business card from Xaroth at CONvergence I wasn't terribly excited. But as I am a hermit these days, I have nothing but lots of spare time to fill in any way I choose and I logged in. The current userbase is a smaller subset of the original 8088's userbase and are frankly among the better users. I instantly treated them to my cheery, winning personality, and I've become very popular because of it.

This morning I was feeling a bit creative and a bit wordy and more than a bit bored so I thought I'd actually participate in the story room with more than my usual "Dan cuts down the ____" or "Dan drinks the ____" level of involvement. The results follow (along with the last few days worth of posts).

 00Jul18 12:18:30PM from EatsTooMuchJelly
  Dan cuts down the bar.

 00Jul18 12:36:27PM  From Xaroth
  Xaroth cuts down the Tree.  Heh.
  00Jul18 12:59:48PM  From EatsTooMuchJelly
  Dan drinks the lake.
  00Jul19 09:29:26AM  From painted turtle
 PT teaches Roo the rotissory (sp?) but gets too silly and spins too much and   
falls down.

 00Jul19 10:00:51AM  From EatsTooMuchJelly
  Dan cuts down the rotisserie.
  00Jul19 11:40:58AM  From Xaroth
  Xaroth serves up slices of the rotisserie for anyone who's hungry.  Mmm...    
  00Jul19 22:53:18PM  From Roo
  Roo takes away Dan's chainsaw.

 00Jul20 11:04:22AM  From EatsTooMuchJelly
 ... and uses it on herself.  She begins cutting off her legs, one by one.      
"Buzz BuzZZZZZzZZZZzzz" goes the chainsaw as it enters Roo's supple flesh.  Roo 
grimaces at first as the pain, the most intense she's ever felt, shoots from    
thigh to brain like a bolt of lightning, waking every neuron and filling her    
entire consciousness with the utter finality of this act.  The grimace fades,   
replaced with a mad grin, as blood and gristle spray coating the shocked        
onlookers.  The chainsaw makes a slight grinding noise as it encounters bone.   
Roo's arm muscles tense as she pushes down harder on the chainsaw to drive it  
through the bone.  Finally with a great snapping sound the chainsaw breaks      
through the remainder of the bone and goes through the rest of the leg, digging 
slightly into the bench under her.  As she turns the chainsaw to her second     
leg, Xaroth, getting over the initial shock of watching his girlfriend mangle   
herself, starts to get up from his chair.  Roo lifts her face, a look of manic  
glee in her eyes, and says, "Sit down, lover, you'll get your turn," as the     
chainsaw sinks itself into the soft skin of her left thigh.  A few moments      
later, the left leg joins the right on the floor and Roo, suddenly realizing    
what she's done, turns completely pale and collapses in a faint on the ground.
Xaroth turns to Dan in anger.  "This was your* doing, Danarchy," he hisses,     
spittle flecking his lips.  "If I could find any way of proving you were behind 
this, I'd see to it that you fry."
Dan shrugs and says, nonchalantly, "Stuff it, bitch."  He picks up his          
chainsaw, looking with some slight distaste at its blood-coated blade and       
thinks, "Hmm... this is going to need a new chain.  Pity."  He bends down and   
rips a piece off of Roo's shirt and wipes the worst of the blood off the end of 
the chainsaw.  He puts the chainsaw back into his duffle bag and turns to       
Xaroth with an eye brow raised, "I can't really control minds.  That's just a   
rumor, you know.  Enjoy your paraple-chick."