I think overall I'd say I just had a great weekend.
On Friday evening I stayed home and took it easy. I played some Diablo II and watched a couple of movies.
Saturday morning I woke up a bit early and felt like going for a swim so I packed up my stuff and went out to Ballys. It's the first time I'd gone since signing up for my membership a couple of weeks ago. I was really weak, but it felt so good to swim again. It's always the first few times that are the hardest so I should be back on my swimming kick again soon.
I got home from swimming to find a couple of messages waiting. One was from Tyan wondering if I wanted to hang out and the other was my mom telling me that she'd found a neat open house that day. She came over and picked me up and we went and looked at it. The house was pretty nice, but the more I thought about the area the less I wanted to live there. In the end I decided not to get that house. She dropped me off at home and I had another message waiting, this time from Matt and Sharon asking if I'd like to go on a Picnic. They said they were leaving at 3:30 and it was 3:25. I called them back, but they'd already left. I called Tyan and suggested that we go for a picnic. She came over and got me and we went to Famous Dave's and got a bunch of ribs.
The ribs were terrific. Unfortunately Famous Dave's only included one napkin and set of silverware with the food and we didn't think to check. I suggested a couple of times that Tyan let me use her t-shirt or jeans as a napkin, but she didn't seem to like that idea. She didn't like it at all.
We ate at a "scenic overlook" on a bike path that I frequent when biking. There's a terrific path that goes right along the Minnesota River for a while. I have some pictures of it that I will put online one of these days.
After hanging out with Tyan I went to Aimee and Dylan's place for the first meeting of their spinoff group from the Creative Dreaming Collective, the Urban Art Center. The meeting was good and productive and we made a lot of decisions. I will be the Vice President/Treasurer, most likely. Todd W. showed up later in the evening as well and provided some really good input on how things work at MTN, the nonprofit for whom he works. At some point in the evening Aimee told me I was acting like "a dip." That's one of the things I like about Aimee. She'll tell me I'm being a shithead when I am. After leaving Aimee and Dylan's, I tried to call Christian to see if he'd like to go for coffee before the midnight movie at Oak Street (I was going to give him a ride to that anyway). He wasn't home, so I just went home to discover that Christian had left me a message asking if I'd like to join him, Ursula, Sharon, and Matt for coffee. I zipped over to Pandora's Cup in Uptown where they were and we chatted for a bit and then went to Oak Street to watch "Killer," (not to be confused with "The Killer."). It was definitely worth my $4.
Sunday I woke up for open house hunting. I checked my work email to find there was a problem with statistics related to a stupid fuckup that had happened on Friday where someone ran a script which had been commented from the crontab on one of our central mail servers for months. The script copied a bunch of outdated files to the servers and stuff stopped working. The main damage was quickly repaired, but little bits of residual damage kept cropping up over the weekend. Anyway, I figured things out to the point where one of my coworkers was able to at least hack something together to get them working. I would have done it all myself, but I had to go open house hunting. I thought I'd try NE Mpls instead of the areas in which I have been looking. Enough people have suggested it to me that I might as well give it a chance. Sure enough, the second place we visited was excellent! I put in an offer on the spot. I got the call last evening and as of Sept. 1 I will own a house (contingent on inspection, of course)!
I spent all of last evening bouncing between being freaked out and excited.