It's been a couple of weeks since my last entry... and what a couple of weeks it's been. I've been busy beyond belief. I finished my homebuyer classes and was supposed to close on my house on August 18. The date got pushed back to the 23rd, though, because some repairs needed to be done on the house and they hadn't been completed. That was pretty annoying since my phone was moved on the 18th so I was without a phone for almost a week. My DSL was also moved so internet access at home was nonexistent.

On Wednesday I was supposed to close at 2:00, but I got a call at about 12:00 that the repairs still weren't done and that we'd need to close on Friday. I told the realtor that was completely and utterly unacceptable and that I had to be in there Wednesday evening. As of Wednesday the utilities were also in my name and I still had no phone at home. The realtor went to check and came back telling me there was no way I could close on Wednesday even if the repairs were done because the Truth-in-Housing inspector couldn't make it out again until the next day. The house isn't falling apart or anything, it's just that for the Wells-Fargo CHAMP program loans the house has to be in tip-top shape and have a clean Truth-in-Housing at the time of closing. The realtor said he'd check, though, if I could move in before closing since the previous owner had already moved to Tucson. I said that unless I could move in that evening I'd probably just ask for my earnest money back and find a different house. The relocation company that had moved him, though, said the liability was too high, but that they'd be willing to pay for me to get a hotel room for the night. When I heard the word "pay" it was like music to my ears. I suggested instead that they could pay me a point towards my closing. The realtor was able to haggle them up to $850 and offered to make up the difference himself. I agreed. I don't care from whom the money is coming. So even though I had some major inconvenience I did get to move in on Thursday and I got some money back.
I would just like to take this moment to say that I rule sometimes.

Other than that since my last entry, it sounds like Christian's confession to Ursula didn't result in too many spectacular fireworks which is good. Though some of the others who had read his diary took it upon themselves to take her aside at a party and provide more details than had been provided (or than were needed) and as a result there was some ickiness, but no major dramatic stuff. In other words things aren't nearly as bad as they could have been.

Other than that almost my entire last week has been spent either moving stuff from my apartment to my house or moving stuff around within the house. I'm getting there. Tomorrow will be my last big day of moving. I have a stained glass class tonight. I finally broke down and signed up for the classes since someone told me that I had been using my grinder incorrectly. I decided I should take the classes and make sure I'm not doing other things incorrectly.

That's about all for today.